Draft QB's - to sit or to start?

Do you believe that rookie QB’s should start right away or sit a year or two?

Depends on the QB, for me.


Yea depends on the situation for me. Who he is sitting behind, Talent level, Knowledge of the offense.


The sooner they start, the sooner you can take advantage of having a QB on a rookie contract by loading up on free agents.

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I think most rookie QB’s can benefit from a year or two on the bench behind a veteran QB. I personally believe it’s a better way to learn then trial by fire. Meanwhile the team gets another year or two to add more weapons to help support the young QB.

Problem is that few teams actually have an environment where this is possible. Most rookie QB’s are drafted by talent poor teams and the HC needs to start getting some wins and the team wants fans buying jerseys. Coaches force QB’s into the line you because of pressure from owners and the media to get the rookie QB playing.