Draft sites

Which draft sites do you like? Some are up to date and some are very old,myself I like Draft Tek and Roto World.

I like the draft network for their player profiles

The problem with most mock sites it is just a bunch of yahoos repeating the talking heads. Draft Tec is pretty good but the analysis isn’t always consistant.

I like NFL network. Some of these guys are scouts and many have played the game. Bucky Brooks, Charles Davis, Daniel Jerimiah, Chad Reuter and others.

The other one is CBS sports they just look realistic.

Great Blue North Draft report, canadian site so biases which are apparent in some rankings are different. Draftek is okay, lots of team analysts there so some bias but heavy team bias not regional scouting bias. Walt Cherpinsky at Walter’s football follows trends and updates often, some good player rankings. Scott Wright at draftcountdown is great with his underrated and overrated lists and comes up with some sleepers every year. There are literally hundreds. I read the steeler draft site and the new England site. Pay sites are full of information, thehuddlereport is one I like with some free stuff. The hughes omnibus is a pay site. They have a detailed analysis of almost every division one player for like 99.99…