Draft Time

Early to start talking draft but Lions blew thier slim chances by losing Sunday. Bring on the draft talk.

Edge rusher please :crossed_fingers:


Hopefully get top 5 this year!!

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I’d do like Tampa Bay. Give up a 1st and/or 2nd for a good to great coach

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Depth is good. Time to find some elite players that can impact a game.


Our cap is spent on contracts with invalids.

Need a pass rusher more than anything, but we have a million needs. However, my guess is that Quinn will retain his job, which is criminal, and he will blow another draft for the 5th year in a row and continue to reach on damn near every pick.


Probability wise we can still land anywhere from 8-15ish…

Yep, SOL.

We are 12 right now. The best edge rushers will be gone. I think they have to find a RB not tinkerbell.


Good teams can find their RBs in round 2 or later. No need to draft one that high, especially if we insist on never giving anyone more than 10 carries. It’s about as stupid as drafting a tight end that high.

Depends on who they sign. How good is Bryant going to be? Maybe we already got a good edge rusher that we just haven’t seen yet. How about an LT? or RT? Not to mention an OG if Glasgow leaves. Then there’s DT, Daniels will be gone I think, and maybe A’Shawn too. The linebackers suck, we need to upgrade there. How good is Oruwaniye? Need an RB, that’s true. Also a slot receiver if Amendola leaves.

That’s a lot of holes IMHO. Some will get filled with FAs, ours or someone else’s.

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Two guys they went after would’ve made a great difference: CJ Mosley and Mark Ingram. They took other offers. I think signing those two would’ve made a great difference. So, I’m looking for a linebacker and running back. Those two are two FA I identified last year, I also identified Flowers. I predicted we would move on from everyone but KJ. I predicted we would gut the tight end room. We’re still hurting at DE, LB and RB.
I seem to think like this GM. Things don’t always work out. But I think he knows the limits of his team, their strengths and weaknesses.

I can’t express how much it bothers me that we’re talking draft in November. :nauseated_face:

I agree, man. I really thought we had a solid squad this year. Not a SB contender but a real threat to make the playoffs and a pain in the ass to play if we got there. The implosion post GB has been exceptionally disappointing

We can draft all the time!

We are still alive. Not by much but we go 4-0… and we are 7-4-1

We are still alive then as well!


Anybody got a good list of prospects they like? I love me some Delpit but he’s likely gone in the top 10. We’ll be too low to get a premium edge rusher like Young. We are probably in the range for a good LB, CB, WR, or DT. I’m thinking we’ll draft between 15-20.

You don’t need to draft top ten to get a good pass rusher. Burns went something like 16 last year and Winovich went 2nd round. Both have 4.5 sacks right now. Sure it’s not Bosa, but still pretty good impact for a rookie.

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Lions fans think the only way to get star players is if we draft top 5

Sure because every team has a six time Super Bowl winning quarterback from the sixth round. What a joke.

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