Draft trade Partner

Im hearing only a second rd pick from Miami not sure if true . Any how who would you like the Lions to trade down and what is a,fair trade ?

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Ok - I’m giving in to my addictions here…

How does the draft rating and how they apply to trades (up or down) value wise work?

Would love to trade down. Compensation wise, ideally say from Miami I think everyone’s hope. I would be happy with 5, 26 and their second 2nd. If all we can get is a 2nd, then if take it but hope for more.

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People will bitch if that’s “all” we get. I’ve thought from day 1 that’s all we’d get. If we take the same player at 5 as we would had at 3 and get another starter out of it im great with that


Fine with it regardless of whether it’s 39 or 56.

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I think lions will trade with chargers

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If MIA goes super-cheap, they may be playing with fire. Is there enough time for a bidding war? We should set it up like Ebay and just let them input what they want :wink:


As I see it, any trade down to 5 or 6 is better than no trade at all. Any lower than that, it would have to be pretty damn good.


Where are people hearing anything?

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Boom. Got eeem. Nobody knows anything. That seems like terrible value, so it is right up Quinn’s alley, but nah. Any leaks are intentional and fake. Happens every year.

Wonder if 49ers try to trade up using picks/godwin/ford/etc

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Their GM has made like one draft trade in his entire time as GM. Seems unlikely.

I would accept a 2nd from this year and hope for more either this year or next.

You must have become a Fins fan you would sell that cheap :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

So you would rather draft Okudah/Brown/whomever at 3 than take the same player at 5 plus an extra pick?