Based upon what I have seen from this team I think the Defense lacks a pass rush and the offense lacks a good running game. I have to think that the Lions will be picking somewhere between 5-10 in the draft. I would use the first pick on some defensive help. Young (Edge), Okudah (CB), and maybe Simmons (LB/S) will be gone by that time. If that is the case I would think Epenesa (Edge) would be my pick. The second round should have some good players left however I think I would pick OSU RB Dobbins. Between Scarbourgh, KJ, McKissic, and Dobbins the Lions should have a very good team of RB’s. The next few rounds get interesting and I would use the picks for CB, S, WR, LB, DT. I think it is important to sure up the defensive backfield and the front 7 of the defense. I also would like to get a deep threat WR that can take the top off the defense. I realize there is no way to fill all of these holes and FA will need to play a part. I would be aggressive in the draft and use some of my later picks in a package to move up to draft some difference makers. If the Lions find themselves without picks late in the draft use this time to line up UDFA as there are always diamonds in the rough that go undrafted.

I am a big fan of dobbins…he has the size to be a every down back. I wonder if rb in the 2nd would be too rich, considering the defensive flaws. BQ also seems to like to go multiple positions in the draft at areas of need.

At 5 it should be BPA non QB…

The thing is though if they’re going to have a pic at 4 or 5 or it looks like it’s going to land, if there is a franchise quarterback I think you have to take a look at it. Stafford would be the starter and the draft pick would be Mahomes or Aaron Rodgers or however you want to look at it. I don’t know that they’ll have another shot to replace Stafford with him rookie contract top level Talent and that’s will probably be in the same damn boat we’ve been in since we’ve had Stafford, which is a lot of money tied up quarterback. He’s been great but two years in a row back injuries and the team has a history of not winning big games or games against winning teams or just wanting in general regardless of how good he’s been, which he has.

To be honest I don’t see it happening because if Patricia’s back next year which I think will happen he surely doesn’t have a long enough leash to have another Lost season in year 3, so he may try to influence getting a dominant pass rusher or cover corner. Those both make sense as well and I’d be fine with any of the three. Before picking in the top four or five and don’t take one of those three positions, I will be lighting every Lions piece of gear I have on fire

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RB in the 2nd is rich, but KJ and the gang are not the answer. I agree Dobbins is the real deal and can be the bell cow with KJ being the change of pace, Bo being the short yardage, and McKissic 3rd down RB. I kind of like Ke’Shawn Vaughn in the later rounds.

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I like Denzel Mims Baylor WR later rounds. He has the speed to keep the defense honest.

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I could see a later rd back coming in or a priority FA…

I’m guessing Andrew Thomas LT if he’s available

Not convinced on Simmons. I dont like clemson playersas far as being elite. On the defensive side at least.

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Okudah and Delpit would really help our secondary with size and speed.Only edge guy likely available worth a top 10 will be Epensa who would also help the D.These 3 could be available between picks 4-7.

Purely from a need perspective, the Lions need a penetrating DT, edge rusher, OG, OT, and CB, not necessarily in that order. A lot depends on who is extended (Glasgow, Robinson, Amendola) and who isn’t (Daniels). Frankly, I am not seeing QB or RB this next draft as a priority unless we find out that Stafford is hanging 'em up. I think Blough is your developmental QB, and you keep Driskel and let them fight it out for who is #2 and #3. You can pick up another FA QB or draft one late in the draft, and same deal with RBs. I think you give TyJo another year and keep McKissic too. But if A’Shawn leaves as I suspect he will and Daniels is gone as he should be, then you have a huge need at DT above everything else. Maybe Strong is okay as a backup DT, but they gotta have a DT disruptor that can collapse the pocket, otherwise they’re staring at a struggle to get to 9 or 10 wins.

Driskel will be unrestricted free agent after this season . There probably won’t be much competition for his services but just saying he’s not under contract after this year

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Yeah, I kinda doubt Driskel is going to command a lot of money in the offseason. The big question with the Lions QBs is Stafford, this is the 2nd year in a row he’s had back issues and so is that going to continue to be a problem? He talks like he wants to play forever, but I hafta think at some point he’s gotta think about life after football and whether he wants to spend it in a wheelchair. Maybe that’s an exaggeration, I dunno.

We have to get another pass rusher. I don’t think we should reach for one but if there is even close to equal value we should go that route.

I also wouldn’t mind trading down as I think it’s a pretty deep class.

Trade down to a QB hungry team for their first, their 2nd and a 4th/5th and then draft Curtis Weaver.

Use that one of our seconds for Evan Weaver and suddenly we have a high end LB group.

Are they brothers? cause that would be cool.

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Skin pigment suggest otherwise. But if they were the offsprings of a Vanderbilt era James Franklin recruiting trip it’s certainly possible

Kind of a trip, huh? QB is not even something we “have” to address. If an upgrade shows up at the right time, maybe?

No o-line help? Yikes.
I hope that’s being addressed in free agency in your scenario. I wish we could have new tackles on each side. And we probably need a better guard than Dahl.

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Considering Dahl is the only G on the roster next year as of right now, I’d say we need a lot of help on the OL.

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Epenesa is interesting. I get a Cameron Jordan vibe out of him. Don’t see the Watt comp but think A.J.’s really good

People get carried away with Draft comparisons. one of my Bills fan buddies says their RB draws a lot of Barry Sanders comparisons. I could fall asleep to that dudes hi light videos.

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