Drafting Starters and Major Contributors

Certain positions are able to walk in Day 1 w/o a huge learning curve. OL/DL, WR, RB… I think the learning curve is fairly steep for the rest of them and outside of grabbing the best QB, TE, Safety, LB and CB, not many are NFL ready to step right in. For me, it makes the case that if we are to draft a CB it is either Okudah, late round flier, or not at all. I am all in on drafting starters. WR is deep so I think we can wait until the 3rd and still get some serious value. The same is true with OT. RB isn’t all that deep but I think there will still be some great talent in the 3rd. If you are planning on no rotation, then I believe that you need to draft one before then.

The various injuries we had on DL last season makes it difficult to say what we might need at DE, but not DT. We need to use a higher pick. I assume that we will be trading out of 3 and that we will have at least an extra 2nd and 3rd.

Okudah, Blacklock, Isaiah Wilson who I think projects better as an OG than an OT in the NFL, Greenard, Claypool and Darrynton Evans. While some of these positions naturally rotate, I think all 6 could be major contributors before the season is over.

Later rounds you can find help at OT with guys like Trey Adams who would go right to IR but when he’s healthy could be a huge steal. Agim and Coe at DL, Geno Stone safety who was money on 3rd down for Iowa. I’ve even been fairly convinced that picking Mann would be a good thing, and that’s another starter. Hard to say whether he makes it to the 5th but I wouldn’t take him before then.

Trey Adams has regressed since his sophomore year. Dramatically so. Injuries have certainly played a role. Not sure if he’s got it in him to find his mojo again. Still, if it’s late on day 3 I have no problem with it.

Drafting value where you get it.
For instance we don’t need a QB.
Jalen Hurts and Tony Eason are available and you have the opportunity to draft one. Both have value as future starters, (maybe).

This is just one example. I don’t insist on the players.
Another kind of reason, drafting for depth, pick a running back, that person is likely going to rotate, not start. Lots of people want that guy to be Swift, Taylor, Dobbins.

Another, WR, that person won’t start this year unless it is a premium asset choice, but will likely be projected to start 2021.

Premium positions in this draft for the Lions might be limited to CB, OT and DE/edge. These guys will be drafted with premium draft assets and will be expected to start but what about a situational rusher like Josh Uche?

Just saying, I like the premise of drafting starters, but not every outcome will allow you to pick free from that concern.

I think that WR almost has to start before the season is over because we have a #2 and #3 that aren’t likely to be here next year. Claypool can be a #2 or a slot guy. I see Greenard as the situational guy at DE. At RB, if you think that we need a full time starter then you move on from Wilson and do that, then draft an OG in the third and drop Evans. I don’t believe we are looking for that guy. If they are, they should be able to get him in the 2nd no problem.