Drafting Tua to trade him

I keep seeing where the Dolphins and Chargers are going to ‘call our bluff’ and refuse to trade up because they know/believe 2 QBs will be available for the 2 of them if they just stay put.

Well, what if we ruined their plans by actually drafting Tua? Then all of a sudden there’s only 1 QB for the both of them and they’d be left to scramble. Would the Chargers start bombarding the Giants with calls to trade up? Would the Dolphins? What happens to the team that missed out? They would almost have to deal with us. We could tell the Chargers/Dolphins to draft Okudah and pull off the trade that way. It’s probably the method that brings us our best return as well.

But it’s risky, for sure. We have to be willing to be stuck with Tua. I would be if it helps it pull off the trade-down, and I know there are others who would like to keep him outright. It’s not a new ploy… the Chargers did something similar when they drafted Eli Manning only to flip him to the Giants once they drafted Phil Rivers, and it happens in the NBA all the time.

I think Tua goes 2 to either Was or another team that has a hard on for him.

Then Chase Young falls right in our laps!


This would be my favorite scenario… right up until Quinn passes on Young and goes rogue again. Lol.

I remember a month or so ago, Karsh and Anderson were discussing the possibilities of the Lions having a plan in place with a QB needy team, where we draft Tua, then trade Stafford to them for picks.

We have left open cap space where we could absorb the hit of a Stafford trade, plus we already picked up Chase Daniel as insurance.

Anyway, they just mentioned, how things kind of lined of up a scenario like that to take place. We wouldn’t trade Stafford now, because then EVERYONE would know we were going all in on a QB in the draft. So, if and only if, Tua is there and we got him at #3, would that trigger the Stafford trade.

I think there’s a very low chance of that happening, because the Lions don’t make splash moves, or look beyond the upcoming season, ever, but I found it interesting nonetheless.

I was day dreaming thinking of what it might look like if we drated Tua, had another top 10 pick in this draft to go along with our 2nd and (2) thirds, then have an additional high pick from the trade for next year. We would probably struggle this season, then have another top 5ish pick next draft plus probably either another first rounder or (2) 2nd rounders next year.

The possibilities of having that many high picks over a 2 year span could really jumpstart a true rebuild/long term success story. We have never had something like that before.

Yeah, but does Quinn draft him? Trade down instead? Or take Okudah instead of Young at #3? I honestly don’t now, all 3 possibilities are in play, plus the alternative, which is that Young gets taken earlier.

I know I’m in the minority here but I think Quin would take him!

You can’t pass on a potential generational talent DE…

You don’t get many chances at getting one.

Interesting scenario. It would most likely force a trade from Miami or at worst LAC. But, it’s a double edged sword regarding leverage. Those teams would know that we really don’t want to keep him, so perhaps the comp goes down. But IMHO poor trade value when you still get the same guy you were going to take getting zero additional comp, isn’t really a bad deal at all. I think if we see NYG’s phone lines lighting up but not ours, then perhaps we make a move like this. If Young is gone, then I’m all in on trying to move down. This is a way to do that if we aren’t getting the calls we want.

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This was my thinking exactly. It’s a way to extract something out of the situation. And while you may be right about us reducing our leverage, everything will be happening so quickly hopefully they panic a little. Chaos can work in our favor, I’ve been told it’s a ladder.

I just don’t believe Quinn and Patricia have a hard on for Young. He really doesn’t fit our system. Personally, I would take him but Quinn never diviate from his New England belief. Besides, Quinn has a history of not taking the player the media suggest is a great fit

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My problem with drafting Tua to trade him is, in so doing you are passing up on a future pro-bowl level player in Young or Okudah. Which BTW seems to be the consensus among those who analyze and report such things. I highly doubt whatever the Lions could get for Tua after they draft him would not be as good as a pro-bowl caliber rookie that you don’t have to pay a king’s ransom for until his rookie contract is up.

It just doesn’t make any sense to me, if the Dolphins or Chargers or anyone else really wants the guy then they’ll make at least a decent offer to trade up to get him.they won’t do that, and the Lions don’t get an offer or it’s a weak one then I cannot see drafting a guy that they don’t really need at #3OA and hoping that somebody will make a good offer later.

And here’s the flip-side: Quinn is already on the hot seat to win now, this year. If he doesn’t draft well then his chances of keeping his job are somewhat reduced. If he drafts Tua instead of Young or Okudah and has to settle for less than he would have had or nothing, and Young and Okudah go on to have good rookie years then he’s going to look really stupid. He would be universally and mercilessly panned from coast to coast, especially in these pages. It’s the kind of thing you do in your 1st year as a GM, to get your franchise QB. It’s not something you do in your 3rd year when you’ve already got a franchise QB and you need to make the playoffs or you’ll get fired. Especially after you traded away your pro-bowl CB.

Ain’t happening IMHO. And if it does, I’ll probably give up on this team after nearly 60 years.

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I understand your thought process about Young. It is very easy for a DE to make a contribution quickly. However, okudah would be no different than Tua in terms of contribution. Okudah won’t be a difference maker this year or next in my opinion. He’s like hockenson, playing but not making a true difference on the field. He isn’t better than Slay and who knows if he will be. I believe Tua could sit a year and be a top notch player the following year unlike okudah

Chase Young fits everyone’s system.


Josh Allen did too but Quinn had hockenson graded higher. He would have passed on Allen regardless

Do you definitively know that? Positional value needs to be factored in as well. If that were equal, CY would be the consensus #1 pick in at least 8 out of the last 10 drafts IMO, he’s that good.

Know that Josh Allen was rated higher than hockenson by most draft analysts? Yes, but Quinn was determined to run the 12 personel offense thus his reason for drafting hock. I would not have drafted hock.
Every gm grade is different. Why you think the raiders drafted cleilen Ferrell that high? Young may not be liked by all GM’s

Well the idea would be to still end up with Okudah or Brown or Kinlaw or whatever your flavor (this whole thing presupposes that Young goes #2 overall, which I think has a 95% chance of happening). You trade him away almost immediately by reducing the supply while the demand stays the same. It’s not a ‘let’s just take him and trade him later’ move, it’s done with a very specific goal in mind.

Yeah, for me this would be assuming Young goes to Washington. If he’s there, you have to take him as he’s the best player in the draft at a position where we currently field Romeo Okwara, and need a pass rush more than any single thing. With Young, he’s big and strong, so you don’t have to sacrifice sand against the run for explosive pass rush ability. Normally, you have to lean one way or the other. Young gives you both.

If however he’s gone, and it appears that Miami/LAC are low balling you, then maybe you roll the dice, take Tua and then you not only have them on the phone more than likely, but also both the Raiders and JAX who both have 2 first round picks and Carolina. That’s a lot of teams and one Tua. If we somehow get past Miami and LAC, then it’s also likely that both Burrow and Herbert are gone. So the question to those other 3 teams, is Tua or Love/Eason? Compelling.

Depends on how low the Lions are being low-balled. The team I want to do business with is Miami, if the Lions can squeeze #5 and #26 then I take that offer. But look, if no team gives us a reasonable offer then I see no reason to believe they will do so after we draft Tua. If they want him then they’ll make an offer that’s at least respectable, and if they don’t/won’t then c’est la vie. If I’m Quinn I do not risk losing out on Okudah if Young is gone and I don’t get a decent TD offer. I don’t think that is a risk he can afford to take.

Man - this would piss me right off. One more time that the magical yet untapped, unrevealed (nonexistent?) potential of MP’s SCHEME screws us right out of a generational talent. Its already been MPs rigidity with that scheme that has tanked us the last two years. Something like this, the scenario that you imagine, would evince the cancer of this Quinntricia team. And they won’t even be here next year. The linger of MPs farts will be all that remains in Allen Park - and the passed-on Chase Young will bless the air of some other team that has reaped the reward from our folly. If Quinn does this, I’ll pack his bags for him. I’ll pay for the moving truck. I’ll do all the lifting myself. Then I’ll drink a beer next to the carcass that was his job in Detroit.


The idea that we don’t like Young is, from what I can tell, simply message board and angry-fan fodder. I’ve heard at least 3 beat reporters say they really like him. Yeah, I’ve heard other ‘Lions personalities’ say they think the Lions would pass, but those guys are no better than us angry fans lol. They’re just trolling for clicks. If Young is there, I’d bet a hell of a lot of money we’d take him.