Drafting Tua will give Quinn/Patrica an extra year?

Quinn and Patricia with silly excuses can convince Martha . Honestly Stafford / Tua can give same 8 wins for lions this year . But 8 wins with Tua will keep their job than 8 wins with Stafford . It will be completely dynamic offense with Tua like ravens and kc . Will option with Tua more intruging for Patricia ?

Tua isn’t a rushing QB, do you not watch college football?

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Tua has 130 more yards rushing in college than Stafford, yep he’s the next Lamar Jackson!

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Moot point.
No matter how they market the pick with speculation, the entire League knows they don’t have the balls to draft Tua.

I think a lot of tradedowners are gonna be disappointed; the Giants will get the tradedown calls…

If more than one team is interested, the Lions will get calls from the teams that the Giants aren’t dealing with.

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Yes. But if you can convince one team that another team wants to move up, and that teams need to trade up to beat the trade up of the other team that that team thinks is trading up to beat out the other team…
The Lions select Tua @3. Humberto cries.

Exactly. The entire league knows Bob Quinn reaches for nearly every draft pick. No need for them to trade up with the Lions, when Quinn isn’t going to take the best player off the board, ever.

With respect to an extra year for Q/P, I don’t care who they draft if they can’t get to at least 9 wins then they should be gone.

No. There will be NO high investments, in ANY players that can not help the Lions make steep improvements in 2020, which will be the entire staffs final year, if we shit the bed again. Keep this in mind when you are thinking about a non-splash FA, or drafting a QB or OT high. Not happening.

The only way I take a QB this year, is if Stafford truly is done. The back thing has me nervous. I like Hurts in round 3.

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That’s it right there. Unless we’re in the running for Burrow, I have zero interest in trading in my #3 overall pick for an injury-plagued QB prospect. Let a team desperate for a QB take that gamble. I’d MUCH rather have Hurts in the 3rd and still have my #3 pick for a blue-chip corner.


Fans like you deserve the Lions.

Not if the consolation prize is Chase Young.

“I would rather blow a 3rd rounder on a guy who won’t play QB in the NFL, so we can use a 3rd OA pick on a corner. Something that hasn’t been done since 1997”

You can’t make this stuff up. Not surprising that this is coming from Patricias biggest fan. This is where we are at in terms of football knowledge on this board. It literally can’t get any worse.

Iggy, to be fair, none of us know Tua’s real health. I only say if he checks all boxes regarding his hip injury, then he is worth entertaining using the #3 OA pick on him. However, it’s not a complete no-brainer like you are making it out to be.

I am with you on Hurts though. I don’t just throw a random mid round pick at a guy because he wears a QB shirt on combine day and think I solved the QB position.

Quin and Patricia should give Bevel the heaviest input on QB selection in this draft.
I would have no problem with drafting a QB as high as 3 if he is a pretty sure bet. Tua has serious, and legitimate health concerns.
If Bevel sees somebody he really wants, I hope they pull the trigger and get him his guy. I Am behind Stafford 100%, but nobody lasts forever, and everyone is replaceable.


Maybe we should draft Tua, then trade him to someone behind us immediately. Then, we can play hardball.

I don’t disagree about Tua. I was more responding to that poster wanting to use #3 on a CB and a 3rd on Hurts. Cringeworthy stuff.

I will draft an injured 80% tua over fully healthy Stafford / Harrington who can’t escape pressure

Harrington and Stafford in the same sentence completely undermines your argument. One of the Lions worst draft picks discussed in the same manner as the Lions best QB of all-time? smh