Drafting with the thought of changing Head Coaches

I’m still confused why Quinn drafted players that didn’t fit MP’s defense if he had it in the back of his mind that he’d want Patricia as his next HC?

Did Quinn not know who he’d want as his next HC?..or was he trying to support the current HC by drafting players for him?

2016 draft
A’Shawn Robinson
Miles Killsomebrews
Antwoine Williams LB
Anthony Zettel

2017 draft
Jarrad Davis
Teez Tabor (was he really a fit for MP’s defense)
Jalen Reeves Maybin (6’- 230lbs) Doesn’t seem like a NE sized LB
Jeremiah Ledbetter (6’3"- 280lb DE when he was at Arkansas. This is actually someone that would fit MP’s defense IMO)

I look at these drafts and I try to make sense of it and I just can’t really. Like, who are you drafting for. Did Quinn not think he was going to make a coaching change? Idk, maybe “those” kinds of players that would have fit both defenses didn’t line-up with our picks…but good lord, why would you draft Davis and Tabor the year before you make a coaching change!!!

I try to keep an open-mind until you can walk a mile in that persons shoes but it just doesn’t make sense, like to the point that he’s in over his head and doesn’t know what he’s doing. I know in NE while he was there that they never changed HC’s but this is what you pay a GM for.

How did Quinn know he was making a coaching change prior to the season? I’m sure Quinn would love to have had the Lions in the Super Bowl with JC. So he’s drafting with his HC at the time, I believe all GM’s want HC input, well maybe most GM’s, theirs always a Jerry Jones or two.

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It has nothing to do with scheme fit. It’s about personality and ego fit.

If you don’t shut up and do your job with a positive attitude than your gonna get shipped out.

How did he not know that he might want to change coaches at the end of the season?
You really think he had no idea he might want to go after his buddy, Patricia after the season?
Come on, that dont even make any sense at all.