Drafts gonna be soon here is my expectation

I have zero faith in Quinn too many draft failures in rds where we should be hitting the star players. I believe all the hype like last yr we had .seeing oliver there and instead of trading down or taking oliver he drafted yet another 1st rd te. So as many lions die hards i have come to the expectation that there will be a player while we are on the clock that everyone would prefer. quinn will make his usual reach for someone else. Not trying to be a debbie downer here just being honest.He needs to put his jimmy johnson pants on for a change.

I am going with Jordan Love, Darnell Savage or Kenneth Murrayat #3.
At least he won’t be reaching for a TE 2 rounds early this year.

Quinn will show once again why he is the smartest guy in the room (I am guessing he will be alone from his draft headquarters).

Sounds like a Quinn pick good choices.

I bet he goes trenches.

OT or DT

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I just have a feeling this will be Quins last draft. Before he goes back to New England .

I get it !!! I get it , but I don’t feel the doom & gloom . It’s Quinn, I’m not expecting great results, but hard to envision him messing it up beyond all hopes.

I have always expected him to make at least one “head-scratching” / “what are you thinking !?” type pick that will happen.

but if he trades down and gets more picks, he might do ok.

I am happy it’s here , hopeful for it…and just going to try and enjoy it.