Drake deal already done

My guess it’s not us.

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Hmmm maybe for a 5th.

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My guess is it is LOL

He’s coming. I’m pretty sure of it. He should help us a good amount. Have to get the D healthy and stop shooting ourselves in the foot so often.

I watched his highlights… not that that’s the whole story… but his upside is that the highlights showed some pretty good OL run blocking… not sure the Lions OL can do that.

Fair enough but he brings a lot in the passing game. He’ll help us for sure

This would make a bunch of sense for us, probably won’t cost a ton like a Gordon or Penny would. Maybe Quinn was holding out to see if we won this game or not to pull the trigger?

Any word? Or was this just a fart in the room, and no one claimed it.

Maybe check Google search and search Twitter

I mean, thats all anybody here can do since I don’t think Quinn is updating anybody here on their Red Phone to Allen Park HQ

Weird that they are keeping the team unidentified. Could be that there’s a player involved and they want to keep it close hold until they can let that player know.

Did anyone talk to Jon today?


I thought Tra Carson/Ty Johnson looked pretty good today. The Oline opened up some nice holes early in the game than went to crap later. Some penalties killed some nice runs too.

Could be trying to get the parameters of an extension done. Drake is in his final year of rookie contract.

If we’re trying to win this year, this move, or a similar one, is a must.

I was hoping to see more Ty, today. I’d like to see what he can do wit 15-20 touches.

I don’t set on my phone/pc all day. This was just easier to ask since it was a done deal.

Reportedly so

I am sure if/when it is done there will be post about it

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Sounds good. Sorry for being a dick.

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I wonder if DEN loss to IND will make them more open to trading Von Miller… They’re now 2-6?