Dream Trade Scenario

Cowboys put together dream trade package for Stafford. 2021 1st and a 3rd gets it done!


Why would they?
They have Andy Dalton.


Is that a real comment?

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They have the same career #s.
Matthew Stafford is not a huge upgrade over Dalton.
Just because I am a Lions fan doesn’t mean I have to have an unrealistic view of facts.


Stafford is worlds better than Dalton


And you can’t just say things. Stafford is the 18th best career passer… fastest to 50k yards, 18th in career tds… dalton is like… Not.

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“ Just because I am a Lions fan doesn’t mean I have to have an unrealistic view of facts.”

That maybe true but it sure does ease the pain…


And those result in a 10 game under .500 career because he is always losing. He also has thrown more per game than any QB other than Andrew Luck. His career QB rating and completion % and TD-INT ratio are almost identical to Dalton’s. Dalton has won division titles, 3x pro bowler. Stafford just throws more often.

I don’t get why posters lie about stuff on here. That is amazing since he only has 42k career passing yards, but hey…why not just make up some stuff I

2 games of Andy Dalton will get Jerrah on the phone to Quinn…

If Quinn is still here.


I don’t know if you’re watching the game, but 2 series with Dalton has Jerruh on the phone.

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The way Dalton is playing right now, Jerry might make the call.

Making such a trade, though, only happens if you’re firing Quinntricia in the same moment. Because it’s a full acknowledgement of a rebuild, from two people who were supposed to be “taking the (playoff) team to the next level.”

As we all know, Stafford is a suburban Dallas kid. Hmmm…


Sorry I mis-typed. Fastest to 40k. Again… teams win games. Qb wins is not an indicator of QB play.

Cowboys aren’t winning with this defense. Better chance they tank the season instead of throwing away resources at Stafford.

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At 20 and 23 mil for the next two years due to so much of his earnings being bonuses, Stafford really would be a major win for a playoff-caliber team finding themselves in need of a QB. Whoever gets him could extend him after the 2021 season if they wanted, or they could just keep him for 2021 and 2022. That would be worth a nice handful of magic beans, IMO.

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A 1st easily gets it done. I’m all in to tank and get a shot at the next great QB. Gives the next regime a bit of speed in the rebuild and a chance to make the team in their image.

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He should try trading for defense instead.

That’s the problem your facts are unrealistic.

would love that

9-11 111 yds, leading the team to the come from behind win. Not bad from coming off the bench.
Of course, he sucks though.
Maybe if he threw for a bunch of hollow yards while he is getting beat he would be a better QB.

Not so fast my friend. Have you check the stats?