Driskel, IMO,, looks pretty dam good for a back up

Really can’t believe no one else is talking about this kid. What’s your thoughts


Been pretty impressed so far!

He certainly isn’t losing the games for us.

It seems we may have a legit back up…


He played well. He is quicker than any Qb I remember here.

I do think both defenses played the wrong strategy though. The Lions sat back and got picked apart all day again, when they should have sent the house to Dak more often.

Then, Dallas seemed to bring the heat a lot and got burned when Driskel escaped the pocket. If I were a DC, I would play the Lions scheme against Driskel and the Dallas game plan against Dak.

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He irritates me when he’s got room to run and does that little side shuffle, going out of his way to try to throw a stupid pass that has no chance at a completion. I’m all for playing smart and living for another down, but why have a kid with those kind of wheels if he’s playing the game like he’s Tom Brady? (hint: he’s not Tom Brady)


Probably because we don’t even have a 3rd string QB and if he takes off every time, he’s much more likely to get injured.

He’s our back up QB and he’s been here 5 minutes. If he goes down, I’m not sure they don’t just roll Danny Amendola at QB, because the Blow guy has been here 10 minutes.


Where’s all the people who complained about the team not addressing the backup situation?

I think Driskel, while has made mistakes, is not the complete dumpster fire that I heard was the backup on this team. I’ll give Bevell and Sean Ryan and even Stafford some credit making this guy not look like complete garbage. But you can definitely tell the talent gap between him and Stafford.


I agree with Wes. He’s done an admirable job but he’s left 50 yards and probably four first downs on the field in the last two games. Needs to tuck it and run more often.


I don’t know if running more is a viable strategy. Take the yardage on a few plays to keep the D honest, but for example, that spin move he made on one run he was lucky that the second guy missed him. He would have been laid out, then on to our 3rd QB (don’t think so)…

I bet we see him take off and run more often moving forward
He has to take better advantage of his speed to give himself better pass options
I agree, I think he left a lot of yards on the table but not running when he could have

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Obviously you want to be smart about it
Clearly there low risk opportunities he didn’t take advantage of
He’s done reasonably well overall, but he could do better if he chose the best option more often. Throwing the ball in the dirt is not better than getting a clean 4-6 yards.

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I think this guy plays well enough to be a starter. If Stafford retires (and honestly, he should start thinking about it) I’d have no problem with this guy taking over. I don’t think we’ve hit his ceiling yet. I mean with 1.5 weeks of practice he looked pretty darn good against dallas. No, he can’t make “all the throws” but we have a qb that does that and we don’t win anyway. Might as well go cheaper on the QB spot and beef up the defense.

As mentioned above, him not running has bothered me a bit. Many times yesterday he could have gained large chunks on the ground, but opted to throw an incomplete pass instead. Actually could have kept a couple more drives going, and never know what happens.

Overall, I am very pleased with him as a backup. He seemed to be running late in the game, probably the coaches pointing it out. Just my only gripe about him to this point.

The only issue I have with him is, he needs to run the ball when he has yards.

It wouldn’t shock me if he was specifically instructed to run only as a last resort. Running QBs often are too quick to tuck and run, and Bevell et.al. may have specifically put it in his head to not run preferring to err on the side of running too little than too much.

It also wouldn’t shock me if they loosened the reigns a little bit going forward. More playing time means more things are coming naturally (i.e. less to think about), so they may backfill some of that with a more nuanced set of conditions for running.

yup - I teams have to commit an extra defender to him, it helps everything else work.

I don’t think we’ve seen his ceiling yet either, but I also am not predicting he is Mathew. I feel most people ridiculously underrate #9. If that dude had an OL and a run game, the way some other QBs do, he would massacre the NFL.

Also know, there’s not a lot of film available. Other teams don’t know what to expect from him in Bevell’s offense.

Lots to be determined.

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I think Dirskel’s speed getting to the outside and Scarbrough’s power up the middle is an interesting contrast

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Exactly. Those are the ones that frustrated me. The ones where he went out of his way to not run the football, even when he could have gained some very easy yards and either got down or simply ran out of bounds. I’m not asking him to be Cam Newton bulldozing defenders. I’m asking him to not go out of his way to throw incomplete passes when you can pick up an easy 3-7 yards. If he was trying to make a play with his arm I could understand it. But he would pull up, scan the field a little longer, then just throw the damn thing away. WTF?


I have Stafford and Murray in fantasy. Murray has a bye next week and Stafford is probably out.

I’m going to pick up Driskell, though I may get cockblocked by someone else seeing it coming. I’m hanging onto the last playoff spot.

-edit Put in claims for Driskell vs. the Redskins and Mayfield vs. the Dolphins. Should get one of them and grind out a win.