Driskel, IMO,, looks pretty dam good for a back up

I think when he sees the Cowboys film he’ll probably feel more confident… but there were a couple of times it appeared at first blush he had lots of running room but really didn’t. He’s learning to gauge the speed of those LBs.

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I was little disappointined when driskel crossed the line of scrimmage in the important 4 th down play against bears, that was close to dan orlowsky class.But in dallas game he impressed me.I dont see a very exciting face from stafford, take the competition stafford

Your really bad this, you need to up your game a bit.

A buddy sent me a trade offer during the Raiders game: I got stafford and he got Mike Evans. I am glad I turned it down.

I have Mike Evans. You wouldn’t believe the BS trade offers I’ve gotten for him. I’m the only Lions fan and, okay, a bit of a homer. But I was offered KJ once and Hockenson another time. Oh, and I have Barkley too. When he was hurt I got some hilarious offers. Hopefully he gets healthy for the playoff run. My team is loaded, best roster in my league barring injuries, which have killed me. Barkley, Fournette, Hunt are my top 3 RBs, Evans, Godwin & Robinson my top 3 WRs. Austin Hooper TE (Fells backup). Titan D. Prater kicking. I should be running away with it.

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Same here man. In my bosses league we would be talking and he would be like “don’t take that offer, it’s a horrible offer for mike Evans” but then turn around and offer me Kenyan drake for mike Evans…when Barkley got hurt I traded Chris Carson and will fuller after his HUGE game and got Barkley…I have cmac, Barkley, Lamar just time name a few…I’m sitting pretty.

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My teams in the 3 Lions fantasy leagues are downright embarassing. Now my best team is in my other league, which is a work league that I’m in 1st place. I’ve got Russell Wilson, Todd Gurley, Zeke Elliott, Philip Lindsey, Mike Evans, Calvin Ridley, Kenny Golladay, Saints D and Matt Prater. Zeke fell to me in the 1st because everybody was paranoid about the contract situation, Gurley fell to the next round because of all of the talk about his knee, then I scooped up Wilson in the 3rd because people tend to undervalue him and Mike Evans after that.

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Zeke’s nose ring would have made me more nervous than his contract. As if Jerrah wouldn’t pony up.

Short term, Driskel running more will lead to more wins.

Long term, he may end up like Eric Hipple–a guy who had a lot of success running the ball early in his career (7 rushing TDs in 1981 alone), but whose brain turned to mush after about 3 years.

This is key. Concussions are so contagious in the NFL. You simply can’t plan a roster without making head injury prevention a serious priority. You build your team around a guy, and one play can ruin everything.

He has good physical tools, but doesn’t always play like a QB. I want to see more situational awareness from him. He needs to know where markers are when scrambling. He needs to not take sacks at critical times. These are things you can gain with experience. But if its just stupidity you can’t fix that.

We take some of that stuff for granted with Stafford.

Any chance that’s coaching? I guarantee you they are telling him not to just bolt.

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On the job training. It is what it is.


But yeah, they should let him do his best Mahomes and see what happens.

I was impressed watching some of the game tape from Cincy and he seemed like the perfect fit to run Bevell’s offense. The RPO is a good change of pace and the TD was sweet! Totally caught the defense off-guard.

He just needs to make good decisions and he will be fine. The Lions need to do something about the Oline though. That pocket crumbles in a hurry.

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There were parts of that game that were very fun to watch.

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He’s 0-2, winless and in last place in the division. That’s really all that matters. Unless you’re a lions fan always looking for silver linings in the rain clouds.

What, is there something more?

One of the reasons I think were interested in Kap is that he is the sort of mobile QB that Bevell has experience with. A poor man’s Russell so to speak. Driskel has some of that too.

I think Driskel’s performance has eliminated Kap. Had he laid a shit-encrusted egg vs. Dallas then Kap might be an option. No point in signing him now. They’ve only got to fill the seats for a few more home games.