DT McTelvin Agim

The quick way to find out, is to look around the 5th round projections, then of those, see who runs the slowest, then narrow it down from there.

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Is there anything u like about this team ?

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I think Agim is precisely the type of day three guy I’d like us to target in round 5 or so. I doubt there will be many DL prospects with his upside available that late.

Very little. WRs are nice. Prater is cool. Maybe win more than 1/3 of your games over a 2 year span and maybe there will be more to like.

Great find Free. I do find the QIB metric they created to be very interesting to research as a key to what our GM is thinking. This kid certainly ‘fits the bill’ according to the metric and since he has a 4th round grade it’s highly likely we would spend a 2nd rounder on him so we can grab him before the Pats.

I don’t care who you are, that shit is funny

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I’ve posted on him before, in his first week of practice at the East-West Shrine Game he showed up pointing fingers across the line and pretty much picking on the OL. On Jan.14th Daniel Jeremiah posted on Agim, “That was the most dominate practice any player had all week.” He did so well that he was asked to participate in the Senior Bowl, he wasn’t originally invited. He and Coe have been my outliers and they both have played inside and outside. I hope we get one of them.


The problem is I wouldn’t be shocked to see him go in the 3rd. Guys with his traits tend to get scooped up earlier than everyone thinks. The same is true for Khalil Davis out of Nebraska, who had a freaky combine. Both could go on day 2.

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Yep, anythings possible. We took a LB last year that was probably 3 rounds ahead of what everyone else thought.

It’s a Lions tradition. Jordan Dizon anyone?

Due to the lack of pro days and personal interviews, guys that practiced and played in front of the Lions and other teams in the Shrine game and the Senior Bowl might have a little bit of an advantage cuz the coaches might not have seen that much of some of the other players. So, it’s possible that Agim might go a little earlier than he normally would. You’re going to want to draft guys that have a better shot at picking up your offense/defense, guys that somebody knows and vouches for.

My guess is, Agim is going to have to get stronger if he wants to make it in the NFL against pro OLs. Same as any other rookie I guess. IMHO, I think round 3 is too early cuz the Lions need to address some other positions first. Like CB, RB, RG, and DE. And of course if the Lions trade down and end up with Brown or Kinlaw then Agim might not be drafted by the Lions until the 5th. Depends on the picks they have and who is available. I would not be surprised to see a trade down in the 1st and a trade back up in the 2nd.

There are two guys that we have articles about today, Agim and Evans and I had both in my, “Time for YOUR Lions Mock Draft”. I had Agim in the 6th because there’s a lot of decent talent ahead of him. For us, picking before the 6th would probably be a mistake because we should have already filled that role before then as the need is so high. Evans I have in the 4th, if he’s there and we haven’t already got a RB you have to jump up.

Yeap these defenses that need all these special players (Marnelli and Patricia) always have you reaching for player they think fit. And the results is what u have seen from both coaches( alot of loosing) . Witch it is always next year just few more pieces. Lols

Right, and I didn’t mean that WE should pick him in the 3rd, only that his athletic traits are the kind that get a guy drafted early. A team that asks their iDL to penetrate isn’t gonna care as much about his ability to take on and hold up blocks.

Both Carlos and Khalil are great athletes. Don’t really see either as great fits for our system but I do think each could have long careers as part of a rotation.

Rotating DT would be nice to get him in the 4th or 5th round. 2 DT’s in this draft I would think? Stowbridge from NC would be nice!!

I agree an I am not sure what Lions are thinking with most drafts they always try to fit a square peg in round hole an it doesn’t work.

I honestly believe if they took 10 fans an let them draft we would have a better draft.

Not fans like some we have here but objective minded fans who do research these players.

It would never be 100% agreement but majority would rule.

I can say Lions when they draft don’t buy into hype as much as some think They do try to fill need I just think they reach to far in wrong round to often. I do like the Tavia reach last year he does fit what they want to do an it was his rookie years.

Davis has turned out not to be what we hoped we got rid of a CB who was just bad again why they picked him made me wonder.

I think we have added some good players better than expected an you never judge the draft on one year. Unless your like some posters who can judge it second the pick is named even when they don’t have a clue who it is.

We have posters who wonder about a punter but have know idea we have two on roster now . We have a Rd one OG young who just didn’t make it will he make it here we will find out he is young we have a RD five CB from last years draft we clipped from Dallas PS

Lets see how we do before we write them off. I disagree with the break down at positions . But again its automatic for some when they disagree about a player .

An example you say OL is poor yet we had the 6th ranked LOT playing every game, but because some decided they don’t like him well he must suck.

Although CBS Sports has him ranked as a 6th Rd pick, that range seems about right.