DT Neville Gallimore got some hops

I love Gallimore. I’d be very tempted to take him at 35 even if we took Brown at 3.

Gallimore is no NT, but as a 3t and DE in the mold of Hand he could flourish. Hard to believe how well he moves at 305#.

Just for an idea Flowers ran a 4.93 40, Hand a 4.83, Gallimore a 4.79.

I’d prefer him in Rd 2 to Brown in Rd 1, but there’s a risk he won’t be there at No. 35.

He may not I can see it either way.

I’d take Brown because Brown is the critical position in this scheme. Gallimore is a better version of Hand . Brown a better Snacks or Shelton and we don’t have a guy to cover Shelton’ on the bench 52 percent of the time

Gallimore is no different than Ed Oliver. Why would we draft him now? Does the new D coordinator have that much influence? I just don’t think Gallimore fits with what Patrica like to do. If he did, why pass Ed Oliver?

If Quinn is canned I never want to hire an inexperienced GM who has never played the game.

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What GM who has played the game has done well lately?

I was all in on Oliver. The staff supposedly was high on Gallimore, and like I said he is a better version of Hand IMO,

San Fran

The Chiefs GM never played.
The Seahawks GM never played.
The Patriots GM never played.

There are tons of success from GMs who never played

I don’t think John Lynch has done well Bc he played in the NFL. I think he’s done well BC he’s really, really smart.

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I love Gallimore as a prospect but his arms are a little short, under 33", for what the Lions tend to look for.

We had Hockenson rated higher is the answer. We do value the position, which is why we paid Mike Daniels last year who was a rush guy not a run stuffer. Didn’t work out, but it doesn’t mean we didn’t invest in the position because we did. We had an expensive FA in Harrison, plus a 2nd round pick DT in A’Shawn, then we still had Hand coming back as a 5t/3t (pre-injury) and were still down to drop big money on Daniels. So, we lost Harrison, A’Shawn and Daniels isn’t back. We brought in Shelton to replace Harrison. What’s his nuts from Chicago is ok, but I think is just our new Atkins. There is absolutely room in the room to add a 3t, so yes Oliver types are in play. Gallimore is a stud, love the guy and he’d be a better A’Shawn than A’Shawn against the run and the pass.

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BQ must be dumb then lol

Tom Pelissero
· 15m
Some other names who came up in these conversations as potentially going higher than people think:

Oklahoma DT Neville Gallimore
Temple C Matt Hennessy
Minnesota S Antoine Winfield Jr.
Oklahoma QB Jalen Hurts https://twitter.com/AroundTheNFL/status/1252934655994523650

That’ would be Nick Williams the 30 yr old 1 yr wonder. Drafted in the 7th Rd by Pitt in 13

He’s not as smart as John Lynch. I’m certain of that.


I love Gallimore too. I’ve been on his band wagon for months.

But I’m fairly confident we will go DT round one.

If the Lions trade down to No 5, and someone moves up to No 4 to get Okudah, you may be right.