DT pressuring up the middle is key to this def so

picking the best DT might be in the cards. Last year’s def improvement after the Harrison trade was it due to him freeing up Hand? Was the lack of Hand or the poorer play of Harrison the reason for the 2019 def woes?
I know our LB corp needs a huge upgrade too since the opposing team’s rbs had to be constantly tackled by our secondary:(

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You can’t run a multiple TE offense without multiple 1st round TEs.

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We have four starting linebackers under contract for next year, one of whom we just extended a few games ago. Another High second round pick, another impact situational pass-rusher and then finally the guy who just doesn’t fit or isn’t being used right or just can’t seem to translate his talent into on field production.

This seems to be the entire pattern with the defense, guys that we’ve committed to that have a level of talent, that just don’t get results. The bigger question is how do we address this because you can’t make enough wholesale changes at this point 2 switch guys out of all those spots. A lot of this is some Growing Pains by younger players but even more of it is that this defensive scheme is the biggest pile of trash in history and needs to be burn to the ground Institute of game that fits the talents of the players we currently have and then add more high-end Talent through the draft and free agency

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I hate it too, man. Aside from ineffective, it’s wildly predictable. Feels like other teams have only have to gameplay for what Bevell brings, and D is the same as every other week. Brutal to watch, though more palatable, when in obvious tank mode.