Eagles Taking a Shot at Slay but Price is High

I’m interested if the haul is anything close to what the Jags got for Ramsey.

Of course Philly is. They are never afraid to pull the trigger on trades and are usually on the better end of trades. Quinn trading with Philly/New England/ Seattle is not the best idea. Better off trying to deal with worse organizations.

If the Lions trade Slay to Philly we are most likely going to get fleeced.

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Plays contract fits squarely in the this year and next year window that this team has set up so I don’t see any reason to trade him. Even if they get a deal like the one for Jalen Ramsey where they’ll be picking those pics essentially gets us Riley reiff Frank ragnow and a lottery ticket over 2 years for sleigh this year and next year. Nope, not interesting.


Would he bring a first? That would be the only way I’d think about it. But after Melvin gave up at least three touchdowns yesterday, I’d think long and hard. I think you then would HAVE to draft a corner, and you’re basically giving up on the season, but with Kerryon out and the Packers getting every possible break and the Seahawks, Vikings, Rams, Saints and 49ers all looking like they should be in the playoffs, it may be a smart move long term.


Blah, blah, blah. We literally just traded Golden Tate to Philly for a 3rd round pick. Philly got a rental who caught a whopping 30 passes and scored 1 TD in a half season. They gave up a 3rd rounder for that. Talk about fleeced.

Before you type nonsense like this, you should try to look back just 1 year before munching on your foot.


Would you take a 1st and Jordan Howard for Slay?


The team clearly does not have the dogs to get the job done without Slay. This would be writing off the season unless they worked a 3 way trade to bring in a decent CB as a replacement and I just don’t see that happening this close to the deadline.

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Tate signing with the Giants also works out as a 4th round Comp pick for Eagles. As a huge NFL fan, you surely know what those things are… right?

Yeah, that was a good trade for Philly. You’re trying way too hard.

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Yeah, great trade. They traded a 3rd round pick for a 4th round pick. Awesome move!! And they turned that 4th rounder into what exactly? Such a savvy trade, genius.

A pro-trade article:

Well, considering that the Comp pick they receive is for the 2020 draft, we are not sure what it has turned into.

You really have no idea how the NFL works,do you? It’s good that you read my posts, you will learn a lot about the league.


I think there is a case to be made to trade him, certainly. Buy low; sell high. Slay ain’t getting any higher.

Not sure I can agree on the Lions getting fleeced on trades. I was very unhappy when Quinn traded our next year’s 3rd to NE for a this year 4th, but Hand is a higher level starter. Same with Tate. We got a starter out of the deal in Will Harris, for a player that we didn’t want to pay more for. I don’t think you can say we got “fleeced” in those deals, by any means.


Hmm…Not sure that’d be enough.

Maybe a 1st + a 4th + Howard. It’s close, but I think I want a little bit more.

Will Harris is a starter? Since when? Hand didn’t even play half the snaps last year, played for the first time yesterday, and didn’t start… but sure… he’s a “high level starter”

Most teams get fleeced in deals with New England, Seattle and Philly. It’s not just the Lions. I would just avoid dealing with those teams.

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This trade would indicate they value future contributions more than current ones, and if you’re making a run at a title you are all in about right now.

Howard’s a UFA after this season. Unless the Lions would plan to negotiate some kind of contract extension, he doesn’t add much value to a deal.

Good call.

Not sure what sort of extension he’d be looking for tbh…I can’t imagine he’d be too expensive, but I also don’t think he fits the mold of the type of RB that the Lions are necessarily looking for anyhow. So yeah, he might not be valuable at all to the Lions.

But what does NE or Philly have to show for the trades that are better? I might have jumped the gun on Will Harris, as Tavon Wilson actually started. But it seems clear that job is his soon enough. Hand was good value for a third.

What do those other teams have to show for their trade with the Lions that showed they got the better end?

I get if you respect those teams, but you can’t be afraid to trade with them because of who they are. After all Billy B passed on Nick Chubb for Sony Michel . He ain’t perfect.

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I doubt this happens but as I said in another thread, why not? If they can get a couple high picks, why not? Slay isn’t going to be in Detroit in 18 months. If they argument for keeping him is that we are giving up on the season and a chance to win now…the Lions have to go 7-2 over the next 9 to MAYBE get in as a wildcard…its not impossible and I am hopeful but maybe take the picks and build up the team in the draft and FA next year and be solid across the board. And I am a big slay fan.