East-West Shrine game

There are always some hidden gems that show their ability in these games. (Darius Leonard was a standout a couple years ago). granted the competition isn’t the highest level, but skills are skills. This is a great spot to find later round talent at some of our positions of need.

G Gage Cervenks Clemson 6’3" 324 they had a good running game #69
DE Alex Highsmith Charlotte 6’4" 244 pass rush specialist… not going to set the edge #95
DE Austin Edwards Ferris 6’3" 280 provide good depth. he did play some TE so maybe decent in a
jumbo pkg.
Maybe a couple WR to look at too. couple tall guys 6’4" Hammond (Florida) Overton (Clemson)
bigger programs

RB LeVante Bellamy Western Mich. pure speed 5’9" 171 punts and kick offs maybe McKissic
replacement #22
OT Branden Bowen 6’7" 315 from Ohio State great program developmental guy #76
DT Raequan Williams 6’4" 304 Michigan State needs coaching to gain leverage but great rotational
guy #98
Mostly late round guys but could provide CHEAP depth which allows more money to 1st string talent.

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3pm today. Thanks for the head’s up?

Like what I see from OL Runyan (UM), TE Wolf (Geo), LBs Pinkney & Quarterman (Mia), among others.

Also should note that the NFLPA Amer vs Nat’l game at 7pm tonight.

If anyone is watching the game, I’m really interested in how McTelvin Agim is doing, DT.

Let me be the first to compare Victor to Golladay.

good midweek reading after today’s Divisional championship games.

Walters also shows who teams talked to at the event. Tons of interest on Ohio State receiver Binjimen Victor. Charlotte guard Cameron Clark was on a lot of lists. Michigan DE Michael Dana and OL Jon Runyan got quite a few too (especially the Eagles pretty funny). Safety Jordan Glasgow had several. MSU Raequan Williams was popular. Lions talked to WR Mason Kinsey. A guy who I liked in Baylor’s Bowl game was Bravvion Roy DT who the Packers talked to. LA Chargers appeared to be the most active team doing interviews.

for fun http://www.northwestgeorgianews.com/rome/sports/colleges/college-football-berry-s-kinsey-helps-east-beat-west-in/article_b55397be-3a66-11ea-bc5e-f3d84413b812.html

Write up on Mason Kinsey

Mason Kinsey (WR – Berry)** 5’10″/191
The Hunter Renfrow-like prospect dominated DIII opponents. He posted 65 catches, 1,221 yards, 16 touchdowns in his final season at Berry College (11 games). In his final three seasons of college play, he posted consecutive seasons with 16 or more touchdowns.

It’s not just looking at him and jumping to a Renfrow or Julian Edelman easy reference, but he runs terrific routes. He shows signs of a polished pro at the DIII level. You can tell he’s either worked in his game or is just that natural to have compiled such receiver numbers without Olympic speed or freakish size.

Hunter Renfrow’s skillset was undervalued in the draft, and he was well known. Kinsey will fight an uphill battle to get drafted coming from the DIII ranks with a lot of questions. He has the hands and work ethic of a rostered NFL wide receiver. The Combine/Pro Days will show us if he has the athleticism enough. It looks like he might.

When they run the one-on-one drills for the WRs v. DBs during practice week, Kinsey won/got open with moves much more than not. He’s tough for the superior sized/athletic cover guys to keep up with because he’s so sharp in his routes.

Amendola’s replacement?

I really wanted Renfrow in the draft, I had him mocked to us in the 4th hoping we’d grab him to fill Tate’s role. I haven’t even looked at receivers yet, but I’ll add this one to my list.

Give me Duverney. Understudy for one year behind DA while he works on his routes and then you have a 10.27 track guy, with RB level strength and perhaps the best hands in CFB last year.

Thanks for the links Dollars.

I liked Renfro too. He always seemed to get open for Clemson especially on 3rd and long. Just didn’t have the pure speed or size the NFL covets. I think that is the same with Kinsey. Playing DIII and going to the pros is a lot longer reach though. I watched his film from the Maryville game and he was a dud in my untrained observation. Undrafted guy to bring in maybe.

I just think a lot of these type guys could give us what Amendola did and would be a lot cheaper and give us better long term success. CHusker mentioned Duverney Texas who is solid 5’11" and 215. Watched some of his play. He goes man to man on Grant Delpit and knocked him on his backside. Delpit can hit so that was impressive. He also has a great ability to track the ball and get it. His deep speed will get him noticed. I looked at highlights which can be deceptive as we all know. Read some too and the knock is he is not a great route runner. He is a guy who can take the top off and we have been missing that I think. Adding guys like Renfro or Duvernay late in the draft are low risk with nice potential. They will have to play well on special teams to get a shot. Based on FA and the needs we have getting a WR late isn’t a bad option. We will get a look at Duvernay in the senior bowl.