Eating crow

When the Lions 2-0-1, I was mocking this prediction.

Now, it’s not looking too far off from reality.

Me too.

But I definitely still think he was wrong. We weren’t that bad. Were not that bad. If he had said Stafford was going to be hurt along with 3/4 of our Dline as the reason, then maybe.


EVEN WITH STAFFORD MISSING GAMES…every loss but one was a 1 score game…and the refs had to do everything possible to make sure the Packers beat us at home on a FG the last play of the game

I am pissed about the record but this is not like the Lions teams of the past that laid down and got blown out

Even with our backup QB our losses are 1 score games. When Arog was out a couple years ago the Packers went 4-12 and got hammered in their losses


What’s more interesting to me is if you listen to that episode of the podcast where he said this is that he said Patricia and Quinn think they are on the hotseat

This is a sad state of affairs. I’ve landed where Lombardi already was.

I’m not just disappointed in the team, but in myself for seeing Lombardi as a troll.

2 plays have destroyed our season…

  1. Vs KC - 4th quarter, we have the lead Late in the game, KC has 4th and long. Mahones scrambles for the first and they eventually score the go ahead TD. If we make that stop we run out the clock and are 3-0-1 going into the bye.

  2. Vs GB - 4th quarter, GB just throws an incompletion on 3rd down, BS hands to the face flag on flowers gives them a 1st and allows them to milk the clock. With no flag GB attempts the go ahead FG. If they miss it we win. If they hit it, we have 2 minutes to drive 35 yards to get prater into range for the Game winnings FG. If we make it we are 4-0-1.

Right there is your season. Instead we lose both to go 2-2-1 and then get our butts kicked my Minny to go under .500 and the snowball keeps rolling.

At 4-0-1 we can survive a minny loss and still be vying for a 1st round bye now. However 3 straight loses sucked all the life and momentum out of this team.


I think the real question that needs to be asked: If stafford has chipped bones in his vertebra last year and he still does this year, then wtf didn’t they let him heal completely? That alone is reason to fire everyone in the decision making process.

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I disagree.

Teams with defenses as bad as the Lions collapse.

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My question is if they didn’t heal over an offseason will they ever heal.

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Interesting theory. I’m not sure we would have even made the playoffs had we won those 2 games, but we would have been in the thick of the race, which is better than being out of it in October.

We will never know, but I wonder if we were a couple games better, if Stafford would have been shut down or if he would have played thru his injury.

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I picked the Lions to go 4-12.
For a minute there, I thought I had severely misjudged our beloved Kitty’s, then the refs stepped in the Green Bay game and reminded everyone who was in charge and the world was set right.

I get that you are still frustrated about the GB, since you bring it up in every thread, but you should maybe aim your frustration towards Martha, Rod Wood, Bob Quinn, Matt Patricia and Matthew Stafford. None of them thought the refs were a problem. None of them had a problem with the officiating, so we probably shouldn’t either. Everyone that represents the Lions franchise were 100% fine with the refs in that game. We lost and they were perfectly happy with it.

Ok, yes, I am laying on some sarcasm, but I am WAY more annoyed that we have zero leaders on this team. Nobody fights for the club. Nobody fights for the players that busted their ass and got a W stolen from them. Nobody was willing to pay a 10k fine to blast the NFL and its officiating. The entire organization is full of pussies who are more than willing to accept defeat. People think the league picks on the Lions, when it’s the Lions organization that doesn’t even stand up for themselves. You think Pete Carrol, Jerry Jones, Sean Payton, Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers, Harbaugh, Tomlin would have walked away from that game and toed the company line? F no. They would have gone mental and stood up for the fans and the players. Here, the old bird and her clueless lap dogs just sucked Goodell’s dink.

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In fact, shortly thereafter, Quinn traded away a team captain, only to have that position group decimated by injury.
How can you know that I bring up the Green Bay game in every thread, but, not notice that I call on the Ford’s to sell, and ridicule them and Wood for not knowing shit about football to the point they asked the NFL (the same NFL that fucks this team with regularity) for help selectiedng a GM that has sabotaged this team two years in a row, midseason?

I know you are on board with all that. I’m just zeroing in on that game that changed the entire outlook of the season and how all of the team “leaders” accepted it with arms wide open. The dude is tough and plays hard, but Stafford saying he didn’t even think about those calls for even a second, tells me he’s not a leader. Not 1 person in a position of power stood up for the players or fans. They can all take a walk for all I care. Nothing but loser mentality from all of them.

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I think the Ford’s should sell and everyone in management, from the coaching staff, up, should be fired. Matt Stafford should be traded, and let the new owner build a winning team from the ground up.
I also hope the new owner moves the team to Nebraska, or Alabama, or Vermont…anywhere as long as it’s not close enough that I am sucked back in to the “fan” base.

What is so confusing is our defense was actually pretty good early in the year. We played Kansas City and Green Bay extremely tough. It seemed like we were “just get the d-line healthy and we can make a late season push” away. After that Green Bay loss it seemed like everything slowly began to unravel and get worse.

This loss against Washington was like hitting rock bottom. Things literally can’t get any worse. Even if we lose the rest of the season. Sometimes you need to hit rock bottom before you can start ascending to what you know you are capable of. It’ll be interesting to see how the season plays out and if Patricia still has the locker room going into the offseason. Does Patricia get one more year or do we just burn it down and rebuild? It doesn’t seem like (talent wise) we are that far off.

We have a pretty good offense with a quarterback who can play at mvp levels. Our defense has some nice pieces but we definitely could use a few more talented players there. It’s nice to be multiple in scheme. But on the broadcast they mentioned Tavon Wilson played 7 different positions the previous game. Doesn’t that seem like a little much? That is a lot for a player to remember. Simplify the defense Patricia and let these guys go play ball!


Yes they would have because nobody speaks upi against the NFL without getting fined. As far as brady is concerned, he would have been the one getting the calls so no reason for him to complain. Im not sure that the lions administration and players were fine with the calls. I think they were being political about it. I would have loved someone to step up more than they did. I think it was Tracy Walker that got fined for speaking his mind.

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Just yesterday Brady stood on the field after the game for minutes arguing with a ref face to face about a clock issue. He’s a leader. He is a red ass on the sideline when someone fucks up. Hes gotten into it with his coaches, players and refs. Our QB gives handjobs to anyone that desires one.

You say the same stuff every single thread and it is all illogical. You’re mad at MP for not calling out the NFL. Your angry at this man for not saying something. This man is “gutless”. You realize that if he spoke openly in any fashion remotely close to how you speak on here, he would be fired and out of the NFL. A head coach has to be political. He isn’t a fan who can say and do what he wants without any repercussions. You don’t have any idea what a leader looks like.

On a key 3rd and long Mckissic picked up the first down…Matthew stafford sprinted from the opposite end of the lions side of the field to Jesse James and grabbed him by the facemask and made sure he knew Stafford saw the key block that enabled Mckissic to get that first down. People critique MP for what the cameras show during the game…he was constantly coaching and yelling at his guys away from the camera…he was constantly coaching with Snacks in between series…being a leader is knowing how to handle adversity…it’s not yelling and screaming and pointing fingers…and how do you know phone calls weren’t made? How do you know BQ didn’t say to the NFL behind closed doors that those calls were bullshit…not everything is transparent.

It needs to be transparent. The fans get gutted and the leaders sit on their hands. Stand up for the people who pay their salaries for once. Take a fine. If I was the owner, I would support my GM or head coach going nuclear after that GB game and I would pay their fine.

Patricia wearing that shirt prior to being hired here means nothing more than he dresses and acts like a homeless slob