Ebron to Steelers

2 yrs, $12 mil. Words fail me.

He’s among my 3 TEs in my dynasty league. Who’s QB there?

Is Rothlisberger still there? Thought he was. They must be really desperate, that’s my take.

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Roethlisberger if healthy, Rudolph if not.

What a difference - Wow! Steeler fans must be praying several times/day for Ben’s health.


Not sure, but if I were him I’d hang it up… Maybe he pulls a Favre until they cut or trade him.

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I still can see Favre in the locker room in a Vike’s uniform singing “Pant’s on the ground.” Hilarious.

Well, he ain’t going to make that much on the street. Some guys can’t walk away from the game, I understand that.

Backup TE money these days.

Rudolph deserves Ebron.


LOL - so true.

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Steelers should be in play to go QB early as well

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Big Ben will be throwing fastballs at his head in practice by the end of the season. The tweets should get interesting. Ebron has always been a “legend in his own mind”.

Edit: The Steelers need to do some drug testing in their front office.

I thought they were over the cap?