Ed Oliver arrested for DWI, unlawfully carrying a weapon

Quinn sucks. Ed Oliver was available and he took TJ Hockenson.


Another guy carrying an illegal weapon
Yeah, give me high character guys
I don’t need these guys with double lives

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Not defending these actions by any means, but it does not say he was carrying an illegal weapon. Just that he was unlawfully carrying a weapon. This could mean that the gun was completely legal, but it became unlawful to carry it, because he was under the influence.

Either way, he should be suspended for several games.


Sorry, unlawfully carrying a weapon
Doesn’t matter
Suspension = unavailability
Not good, not doing his team any favours
I hope he learns a valuable lesson in the process
Living the thug life on the side gives you no “cred” in real world

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How in the heck to you unlawfully carry in Texas? It’s one the easiest states to get a weapon legally. They still allow for you to walk away with a gun, at a gun show. Not very bright. Maybe he took it in the wrong building like a federal building or something. This is something else.


Its not just the weapon its his conduct and behavior . i was on the oliver train also .good lesson though on not drafting a top 10 pick if he has issue with conduct. I was not upset with hockenson pick thought oliver was much better big drop off in talent after. I can admit i was wrong quinn was right.


Yeah, I’m not clear on Texas law but he probably had it in his car and forgot to tell the police it was in there.

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So you somehow know he lives the thug life from this one incident?!?!

Seems more like you’re trying to feel better about Quinn drafting a Tight End and you’re using this to shit on the better player we should have taken instead.

I bet that more people carry guns in Texas than almost any other state…fricking gangsters!

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Driving with an open beer can between his legs. That’s pretty damn irresponsible as well. It’s not the end all be all, but personally I’m glad that with guys like Hock and Okudah we don’t have to worry about that stuff.

Oliver was the guy I wanted at 8 btw.

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It’s Texas, there is no such thing as carrying a weapon illegally in your car as long as it’s out of plain site.

The DWI made the gun illegal to have


Dude sorry miss read article thought it said disorderly conduct also. This was stupid not. Personal coduct issue. Im not nor into name calling or stereo typing people. If my earlier post gave that impression i apolijize. But nobody can argue this was irresponsible behavior. And availability is always better then not being available . and this does make me feel better about the hockenson pick.

We can’t judge who the better player is after one year. It could very well turn out to be TJ Hockenson. It should be examined after 3 years. The best ability is availability, so that makes even Jarrad Davis a better pick than Reuben Foster. Hock did have a couple of injuries in his rookie year, freak concussion and ankle injuries. But Oliver will now not be available because of misconduct. Not saying Oliver won’t learn from this, but he’s not looking like a lock as the better player at this point. Oliver is exuding a me-first attitude big time here, no apparent concern about hurting other people (or even himself) it seems. Right now, I’m just glad we have Hockenson.

They need to get these guys in camp. Some of them are gonna lose their everlasting minds and do dumb stuff.

look there are laws in place for the ‘way’ a firearm is transported in a vehicle. COULD BE , he just had it tucked in between his seats or had it lying under the car seat without a case , MAYBE the gun wasn’t registered to him or at all , But NO you can’t have a loaded gun just rolling around your car as you drive.

And , NO It is against THE LAW to drink and drive ! So it’s no surprise he got arrested .

Using Jarred Davis as an analogy, the guy is a hard worker stays out of trouble but doesn’t produce on the field essentially useless.

Oliver provided more of an impact than Hockenson last season and probably will this season.

My point is a roster full of choir boys don’t guarantee success.


Go watch the highlights from the AZ game if you want to see what kind of impact Hock could have had, if a) he didn’t get hurt twice (both freak injuries not indicative of him being brittle), and, b) had Bevell decided to feature him more before he got hurt.

No, choir boys don’t guarantee anything, but Hock is very talented. We’ll have to wait and see what each of them do over their first few years before we can judge. And Oliver’s upcoming suspension doesn’t help his cause, does it?

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I believe you can have an open container in Texas, just not the driver…but if someone called 911 on him, he was probably swerving a lot or being reckless.

Do you know that Hock and/or Okudah are never going to drink and drive?
I’d dare to bet that 80% of people have or will drive while over the legal limit. It doesn’t make you a bad person.


I guarantee he won’t be suspended.

Hock had one game! Oliver still provided more for the whole season. Also, hock was a terrible blocker. Personally, I don’t think he’ll ever meet the expectations of being picked 8th overall. That’s just my opinion

I have nothing against him. Just don’t think he was worth the pick.

How you come up with a 2 year sample size?

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I’m not saying it makes you a bad person. It’s just when you are paying someone million’s of dollars it’s a bit of a relief to not have to worry about those things as much.

From a standpoint of judgment, having a can of beer between your legs while driving does seem to be next level stupidity.