Edelman - Coming Soon?

I don’t even know what to think about this. Is it just an April Fool’s joke? What would the Lions even have to give up to bring him in?

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I’d dig it. Definitely in decline but can still get open

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Probably has some merit since he didn’t say it was a done deal. That would have made it a real joke on the day of jokes. If Edelman only plays the slot then how does this even pass the smell test?

Seems that it’s a Bill Simmons April Fool’s joke

Seems as though someone tweeted something this morning about it as an April Fools joke. Assuming Simmons just ran with it since he can hit a bigger audience. Justin Rogers said Edelman would cost the Patriots $8m in dead money.

April Fools always gets someone :slight_smile:

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Honestly I’m hearing it was a April’s fools joke. Literally no one else is talking about it.

Back in the 90s, the local and first Detroit sports station WDFN 1130am had one going for a couple hours. It made my friends call me freaking out and when people would call in to ruin it, they would just cut them off the air and say “bad connection, call back”.

Anyway, it was the Lions trading Herman Moore to the Rams for Orlando Pace. It was very well played.

Anyone else remember that?

I want Bill Cowher on the sideline! That would be a better joke. LOL

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Just needed a thread to throw this thought into the world wide webs…

Anyone else think Joe Burrow resembles Jim Bruer?

To be fair, Bruer was the goat on SNL. :thinking:

Hard to say. All white people look the same.

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Well yeah…White Storm Troopers :sunglasses:

Dead ringer. The Bengals should try and pay him in Funyuns.

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