Eli Manning Retiring

I always liked Eli. I’m sure he’ll find a good gig in his retirement.

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Mediocre career with 2 great playoff runs


One of the weirdest NFL careers ever. A two-time Super Bowl winner, two-time Super Bowl MVP, beating the greatest dynasty of the modern era both times …

… and considered by virtually no one to be an elite QB.


And is probably the least talented of the 4 men in his Gene Pool

I think he’ll make it to the HOF some day, maybe a year when they don’t have a bunch of stronger contenders. The longevity and SB wins will overcome the long stretches of mediocrity. In Eli’s defense, he played his best in the biggest games.

His father forced him to not join chargers , that was a disgrace , should never do that .

I heard a crazy stat today where Eli Manning’s quarterback rating for the two years he won the Super Bowl for the entire playoffs was over 100. For every other Playoff game he ever played combined it was 61. Ouch babe!

I actually pulled it up to re-live it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KYONAJDWK-E

Looking back on it 16 years later it really is incredible to see the effect this had on the NFL as we know it.

Troy Aikman getting in the HOF will help Eli. Very similar careers. I personally wouldn’t vote for either of them.

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