Eliminations are starting wk 9!

There teams that upon losing this week, will be eliminated from certain seeds:

  • Washington and Bengals each can be eliminated from the #1 seed with a loss this week.
  • Jets and Dolphins are eliminated from the #4 seed as well if the lose. And they play each other this weekend so that is going to happen to one of them.

thankfully the Lions are still 5 games away from our first elimination from the top seed.


Washington, not Cini, Miami or Jets, becomes the 1st official team eliminated from a playoff seed.

They officially cant win the #1 seed.

this next week…

Cini, Miami and Jets have scenarios where they get seeding eliminated.

Giants and Falcon are oddly the only one who can start being eliminated on the NFC side this week. meaning Washing can lose and still mathematically be in contention for Seed 2-6…weird.