Employee shortage forces store to close

I wonder if people aren’t working because of Covid or because of how much they make on unemployment?

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There’s no way to know for sure, but I’m gonna guess its mainly money but a small element of COVID. I know I wouldn’t take a job like that right now, even if it meant taking a pay cut.

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Didn’t Speedway also recently get bought out by 7-11? I thought I remembered reading that. Employees tend to jump ship during mergers/acquisitions.

The extra unemployment funds ran out at the end of June, so I don’t think it is that.

They don’t make alot of money. Regular unemployment during a pandemic would be enough to keep most people at home rather than taking that job.

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Yes, but the benefits run out soon enough, and if your job is telling you, you can come back, then you can’t expect to stay on unemployment. It has been years since I collected my two months of unemployment after being laid off, but I am pretty sure I had to be actively looking for work and take a job training class in order to get those checks.

So once again, I don’t think it is all the people living fat off unemployment that caused that Speedway to not find enough employees to remain open.

You are talking about people who already worked there being called back. I’m talking about people in general who would be looking for that kind of work in normal times. They probably aren’t looking right now, as that job doesn’t pay enough above their unemployment to be worth the risk and headache.

I understand your point, but my point is that to remain on unemployment, you have to be actively looking for work, i.e. apply for comparable jobs in your field and not be offered them. Maybe there is just not a job comparable to gas station clerk out there.

No chance unemployment was enough up there.

Okay, you guys win. People are sitting at home with absolutely zero income or unemployment and living off their fat savings accounts we know they have.

We’re seeing a lot of adverse reactions to COVID 19, people are losing their positions within an organization, they’re being laid off and they’re not coming back. Those employees are either looking for something else because they think that position is not safe or they’re taking this opportunity to really figure out what they want to do,” said Dickinson.

I think the article itself basically explains what is likely happening.

That’s someone’s opinion… There’s clearly the 3rd reason they’re not coming back, and that’s what Wes is predicting

Don’t forget the 4th reason: fear of the oncoming Lizard people uprising.

That’s a town also build in a certain level of tourism…

Low tourism, low revenue and people laid off due to that and the stupid virus…

And, don’t under estimate people falling for everything the boob tube tells us about the virus and dying and how unsafe it is…

Let’s be honest. It’s not safe out there. The Martian kidnappers are at it again—probably on behalf of their globalist overlords.


For me it seeing - Roswell come back like a recurring virus!!

I almost died watching it!

I say we go down to Roswell, kick down the door of the global elitist base, which everyone knows is a secret hideout for the Martian kidnappers. Maybe we can use the Lizard technology against them and rescue those poor kids that are enslaved on the Martian colony.

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Those normal rules have been suspended for COVID

This is Traverse City, a resort community. There are tons of minimum wage jobs and they are always looking for employees, even before the lockdown/pandemic.

If you are a minimum salary worker in Michigan, working a 40 hour week, you are probably taking home about $325/week. If you are a minimum salary employee on unemployment, you are probably getting about $200/week (60%).

It’s a very small convenience store (I’ve been in there before) with 6 - 17 hour days and 1 - 15 hour day. They probably need at least 4 or 5 total employees (including owner(s)) and could probably get by on 3 for a little while if they had to. They probably lost one or both their 2nd shift/weekend employees to new jobs/moving/college/etc. If you are a minimum salary employee in a resort town like TC, you have many options.

My guess is this has very little to do with covid and nothing to do with the money people are making on unemployment. You really can’t live on unemployment (without the federal subsidy).

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