Engaging with the cancers of this board

It’s taking me a long time to learn this lesson…but if you just ignore or refrain from engaging with the people you deem toxic or cancers to this board, you win and the whole board wins.


This thread is going to go well.


In my best Frank Caliendo doing Mel Kiper voice: Scott, Scott, Scott, Scott, Scott.

Never going to wipe out disagreements, but if A ‘certain’ poster or posters really make your blood boil or are very toxic to you just refrain from interacting with them. As Lions Fans our frustrations will always be prevalent so we have to try and bite our tongues or find a way to choose our words wisely not just call names like a 6 year old. or throw tantrums. nobody is ALWAYS going to share the same beliefs, opinions, or do things exactly the same way. That said , get ready for the draft !

Is ignoring the same as denial?

We do have an Ignore function :grinning:


I’ve been in a cruise ship down DeNile. It’s a loooong ride. Temple fatigue is a thing.


nope. " I choose to Ignore what you say." " This is a problem I cannot ignore." , that’s Ignoring sentence wise.

“I am in denial that the Lions go to the playoff’s in 2020.” " I am in denial that this virus will go away quickly." also in sentence form and use.

yet two different meanings.

I recognize that I’m not the most popular poster on this board, but do people really takes posts that personal?

You have guys who post things like “16-0 until proven otherwise, BABY!”

You have guys who post things like “Stafford is the GOAT. Better than A-Rod, Wilson and Brady combined”

You have guys who post things like “Jerry Jones is playing chess while the rest of the league is playing Checkers. Dez Bryant is the GOAT”

You have guys who post things like “The Ford’s are great owners who really want to win”

When all is said and done, who gives AF? That’s what makes this board interesting. I don’t hate a single poster here. I have never blocked or ignored a single poster here. I never will. At times, I people’s opinions make me shake my head, but whatevs.

If the board makes you angry, perhaps step away. No matter how many disagreements I have with folks on here about a kids game run by billionaires, believe me… I hope this board and their families go UNDEFEATED against this virus and we can all bicker about football in the fall.


I think what some of y’all don’t realize is that there are many people who enjoy getting in pissin’ matches. They enjoy when their favorite marks post something new on a board that they might slightly disagree with, because that means they can get pissy. Telling them to ignore doesn’t give them any new information they don’t already know, unless they are just that dumb.

There have been certain chat boards in which I cared nothing about the general topic at hand, and just enjoyed messing with trolls and goofs. I don’t do that on this board, because I actually care about the topics, for the most part. The only way you are going to get rid of posters that do this on the regular is to ban them permanently and block their IP from creating new accounts. If you don’t want to go to that extreme, just resign yourself to the fact that some people enjoy slapping around each other’s Willies for 50 or 60 posts on a thread.


Discussion and different opinions is why I visit the den. However it does suck when posters say the dumbest crap just to get a rise out of others. Doing so can hijack threads of intelligent discussion and trolls like that should be banned.


“Threads of intelligent Discussion”

Like how that sound for some weird reason…

Like a band name
Or a book to read
Maybe a movie title…

I’m home alone and freaking bored!!

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16-0 bay bay!


I agree well said Some just like to make every thread there anti what ever . They want there anti point start a thread response or lack of response will show the support

Too many cry babies on the board in my opinion, but that’s life… I don’t ignore anyone, but I will challenge their opinions and I expect mine to be challenged.

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I challenge you to find one quote that says the Fords are great owners.

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I’ll make it easy on him…

The Fords are great owners, they’re just terrible at hiring people

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They might be great if you work for them. That paycheck is great. They’ve been recently defended when he labeled them cheap, but that’s only setting the record straight on 1 aspect. It still doesn’t make them great owners. You can’t have the legacy of futility that they have and still be considered “great” by anyone except those that have profited off the team under their ownership.

It’s been said on this board and the old 247 board numerous times. People think they are great owners because they are super loyal to the people they (mis) hire. I don’t need to dig it up. It’s there.

19-0 otherwise they fail!!