ESPN reports Cowboys to move on without Jason Garrett

Breaking news from ESPN’s Ed Werder:
Cowboys to move on without Jason Garrett

He is a much better coach than Patricia. Another available candidate, who is a major upgrade and we are stuck with a guy who should be hanging off the back of a garbage truck. Garrett is not the buffoon he is made out to be. Everything is just 10x magnified because it’s Dallas.

Not even remotely interested. If he can’t win w/that roster, he’s one of the worst coaches in the NFL, IMO.


Agreed. He is, and always has been a bottom 5-10 coach in the league. They have a ton of talent and have the commish in their back pocket. They share the lead with Green Bay every year in bullshit calls to help them win games. Dude always seems lost on the sideline. He’s basically the Brady Hoke of the NFL. Clap on, clap off.

WHAT? he’s been handed pretty talented teams. Jerry Jones does do a decent job of collecting talent. Garrett lost that team a long time ago.

Guys, you have to put on your Ford goggles.
Jason Garrett is the ultimate company man, Martha has him on speed dial if that existed for a rotary phone.

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is it bad to say I wouldn’t mind jerry jones owning the lions? ducks

I would prefer Jerry Springer over anyone with the last name Ford at this point.

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Or because Garrett’s win % (.559) is worse than Caldwell’s (.563) was when he was here and Caldwell did it with a lot less.

If a team wants to have elite talent and be mediocre then Jason Garrett is your guy!


That sucks. That means the Cowboys will be better next year.


Garrett in Detroit would be entertaining. If I was a fan of a fellow divisional team.

Garrett is not a good Head Coach, I wouldn’t want nothing to do with him here in Detroit…but he’d fit right in with all the loser Head Coaches we’ve had.

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That’s friggin’ funny. I like Martha better than her hubbz. Jury’s still out on her though. My god, I hope it’s different now.

If not, screw it…bring in Springer.

Hahahaha……… back this crap up.

Dallas Offense #1 in yards gained. Top 5 in passing Yards & TD’s , Top 5 rushing yards & 7th in rushing TD’s

Dallas #10 Defense in points allowed, rushing yd’s allowed , passing yd’s allowed .

Dallas fails at having a winning season with that roster in that division is unforgivable .


Back it up? That’s easy. 3 division titles in the last 6 years. Tied with Sean Payton for the most among NFC coaches. 1 losing season in a decade. Developing a 4th round pick into a franchise QB. 85-67 career record. He’s a good coach and is one who is thought of highly in NFL circles… regardless of what fans say.

Yeah, so was Rod Marinelli.

You sure are very accepting of mediocrity as a Dallas fan. If I was a Dallas fan, I’d want more.

I say we trade them Patricia for a 1st and a 5th. He is a rocket scientist and that may be enough to get Jerry hooked. Have Mayhew call him on our behalf. He did sell him on getting Roy Williams for a 1st, a 3rd and a 6th. We did have to toss back a 7th the following year.