ESPN's Barnwell ranks every NFL team's offseason. Lions - 29th

PFF landed on the Desmond Trufant addition as the Lions’ best move after signing him to a reasonable contract, 2-year, $20 million contract.

PFF highlights Trufant as one of the most valuable cornerbacks since 2013, pointing to how highly regarded his man-to-man coverage abilities are: “Trufant will fit perfectly within Matt Patricia’s defense and adding Jeff Okudah with the third overall pick — a player who is easily the best press-man corner in this draft class — would form a top-tier duo in their secondary.”


Mar 18

CB Desmond Trufant was the No. 3 available FA CB by

Trufant has earned a 70.0+ OVR grade in 6 of his 7 years in the NFL (2018, 69.5) His 89.9 COV grade since 2013 ranks T-14th among CBs and has 71 forced incomp. (12th), 12 were dropped INTs

2018 Season:

The Atlanta Falcons struggled to defend the pass in 2018 due to a variety of reasons, including injuries at safety and a lack of pass rush. The end result was a 7-9 season in which the Falcons ranked No. 27 against the pass (259.6 passing yards allowed per game).

One standout for Atlanta’s secondary was their top cornerback Desmond Trufant. While it wasn’t his best year and he didn’t record any interceptions, he played mostly solid coverage on the deep passes that came his way. He only allowed two catches on 12 such targets.

Trufant ranked No. 9 among 59 qualifying cornerbacks in Pro Football Focus’ deep target coverage grade for 2018, with a score of 72.3.

2019 Season:

Trufant, who was beset by injuries in 2019, finished No. 32 overall.

In relative terms, Slay was worse:

So, to say that Trufant has “significantly declined for a long time now” does not appear to be accurate. To the contrary, Trufant has been a model of consistency, except when injured.


Trufant is also a sure tackler and plays with grit.
Something I think not many value at the CB position.
I’m completely on board with that signing.

It took me a while to warm up to the Collins addition, but after watching even his “least productive games”, he seems to always be playing until the whistle blows.
I love it. We need grit and those two additions are exactly that.

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It’s a unique system defensively. It’s a unique culture. For those two reasons alone, getting guys who are already bought in culturally to being challenged mentally and physically, and up to speed system wise (nearly all of our NE guys have been defensive players) is understandable IMO. Are we taking BB’s scraps or paying a premium for guys that are their Glasgows? Yes. But we also are starting to see the formula play out here. With guys like Glasgow, Tate and Slay. Denver “bought” our scraps in Glasgow. Philly paid for Tate and Slay. But somehow people here lose their minds that we are losing all our talent. While BB is a genius for not paying Flowers and Collins. I know we don’t have the results yet to be able to say we are geniuses. They’d better make the results happen quickly or it goes the way of prior regimes. I’ll say this, if a new regime does come in, they will not have half the team that goes ape shit if they are told it’s an outdoor practice in November.


Good stuff Freebird. Trufant, Harmon and Okudah are all guys that do not allow big plays. Hate to go Mariucci, but “We’re building something good here…”

What a completely useless article you cant say lions had a horrible off season because the lions signed a ton of ex.patroits.(btw did he say the same thing about the dolphins ?) Totally laughable. Tom brady no good either because bill let him go. Who can take this guy seriously. Imho i think quinn is a very good g.m not sure about Patricia. With the pandemic quinn looks like a genius signing guys who all ready know the system.

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I always appreciate your thoughtful analysis, 3rd.

Okwara, kennard, wilson, melvin all played better than they did in their previous spots but yes there needs to be better examples than them

Thanks man. I try, and stay at Holiday Inn…

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