Even money the Lions draft

Dun, dun, duunnnnnnnn!
Isaiah Simmons over Okudah

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they shouldn’t should be Okudah easy pick if he is there an Young is gone

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I’m staying conventional
Trade down and/or


Iggy, what is Vegas saying?

This wouldn’t surprise me in the least Yooper. Not what I want them to do, so I’m sure it’s exactly what we will do…

Smartest guy in the room.

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Okudah is +120, Tua is +165 at #3.

The lions are not going to draft Simmons. They run the most vanilla defense in the league. Next year will be more of the same. Three man rush with linebackers covering like dog shit. Corners not being able to cover for 5 seconds.

I mean i hope not. But they need to change their scheme if they want different results.

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Here for odds… mybookie.ag/sportsbook/nfl/draft/

I would be very surprised if the Lions took Simmons while Young or Okudah was still on the board. I see it as Young, then Okudah, and then Simmons, in that order. They might trade down if a good deal came along, but I’m not sure they’ll drop too far cuz I think they want one of those 3.

Oh shit — yoop was trying to be funny
Duh … :crazy_face:

Correct. They have no clue what to do with guys who can play football.

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I mean what happened to Patricia’s message when he first got hired that we were going to have a versatile defense. One that could change schemes week to week depending on opponent. Or even mid game. What we got was the same vanilla defense no matter who we were playing.
Didnt matter if it was a rookie, back up quarterback, or Kurt Cousins who is known to be bad under pressure.

I hope they were really just tanking after Stafford got injured and we see a different defense this year. But I dont know.

I wonder if Quinn won’t draft TUA with our first pick ala the job saving move in his mind.