FA DT class

Just a quick look at the group of young free agent DT’s this year. Hopefully the Lions can sign one.

Who do you like and why?

Jarran Reed, D.J. Reader, Javon Hargrave, Sheldon Day, Jordan Phillips, A’Shawn Robinson, Timmy Jernigan, Michael Pierce, Andrew Billings & Danny Shelton.

All of them are 27 years old or younger.

I’ll take former first rounder Danny Shelton. Coming from the Pats he’s an obvious scheme fit and is an ascending talent at just 25 yrs old.


Shelton and collins

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Here’s a nice film breakdown of DJ Reader who is due for a pay day

And Chris Jones from KC.

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I hope we get a guy who can push the pocket when we’re in nickel. That’s what we lost with the Hand and Daniels’ injuries. I’d take Shelton if Snacks retires.

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Doesn’t sound like KC plans to let him test the market.

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I think Shelton replaces A’Shawn. He would be a nice compliment next to Snacks.

I think Snacks will return for one more year.

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Jarran Reed. Better run stopper than AShawn and had 10 sacks in 2018, so the pass rush potential is there.

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This. I like him and Shelton to replace Harrison (assuming he’s retiring) and Daniels/A’Shawn. If we can’t get Jones, then I like Hargrave a lot. Was a huge fan of Andrew Billings as a prospect but don’t know how he’s been as a pro. Just country strong to the enth degree with a quick get off to boot.

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Don’t think you are on the right track here Air. Shelton is 344lbs and is a true NT. He only comes here if Snacks retires. We don’t need two starting NT’s. A’Shawn is 320 by comparison and we sub him out all the time for smaller 3t types like Hand and Daniels (at least we thought we would…)

I think it would be a good guess given the connection that Shelton could draw lion interest. I personally would like to go the Javon Hargrave and Jordan Phillips route.

That’s why I didn’t mention him. Realistically, I don’t think he will be available.

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I’m not counting on Snacks whether he retires or not. He was not good last year.

A guy I like is Vernon Butler . Butler next to Snacks would be nice combo. Butler up in coming player with size and length. Has some pass rush to him we lack up front.

Yep. A rapidly-aging 2-down run-stopper.

I like him also like Vernon Butler Javon Hargrave D.J. Reader Why not sign 2 of these 3 if snacks is leaving

I like it. Fix The DT , before the draft.

I want Arik Armstead here. He was double teamed the most in the league this year and still dominated with 10 sacks from the DT position.