FA RBs three options

I like the first guy just going off this article…

I like the idea of a FA rb that’s not too costly but could produce… and using the draft pick for mother position… if the right guy is available

Bo Scarborough is my new nomination for the most overrated Lion.


“Bo Scarborough is my new nomination for the most overrated Lion.”

Disagree he should be better after full camp an learning full play book.

Scarbrough He responded by averaging 4.2 yards per carry through his six games (5 starts). His 377 rushing yards ranked fifth in the NFL among a player’s first six career games since 2018. Scarbrough is a big back (6-1, 235), who runs north and south.


Gus Edwards or Jordan Howard i would be ok with depending on cost.
I know some want a RB from draft based on school i see it every year same fans same school they have this school Love

Just because you like a school or conference doesn’t make the guy a NFL player

You are allowed to look at other schools an conferences at the draft.

Agree to disagree. Guys like him are a dime a dozen. I can’t think of one thing Bo did that impressed me. Literally, nothing.

Jordan Howard could work though I’d prefer a speed guy and he’s a liability in the passing game but he’s special as a thumper.

The other two … yuck!

I’m right there with ya brother.

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Let me add one more. I started a thread but it’s laid dormant.

I would not pay more than league minimum for any of them.

Agreed! There’s a reason he was available when he was, he’s a stop-gap player, nothing more.

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