Fact: Golladay is the first Lions WR to lead the league outright in TDs since 1952

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I was surprised CJ wasn’t on the list – his 16 TD year was second place to Gronk that year.

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And that was with backups throwing to him for half the season. Great season by Golladay!


I’d like it noted for the record that I had the Lions picking Golladay in that year’s Draft Contest over on the other board. But they picked him a round earlier than I expected.

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I, also, would like that. Although, I had us taking him in the 5th. But I would like to point out, never in a million years did I think he’d be THIS good. Dude’s a bono fide diamond in the rough.

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Agreed, gives me hope that Quinn knows what he is doing sometimes…lol

Then I would like it noted that I won the draft contest that year in part by predicting they’d take golladay in the 3rd round. I win the dick measuring contest :joy:

68 years :frowning_face::frowning_face::frowning_face:

Oh yeah? Well I told my Steelers fan friend that they’d take Alameda Ta’amu “around” the 4th round. I once predicted the Pats would take Jamie Collins in the 2nd. Check out the size of mine now? Tough to get around my house with this hitting all the doorframes.

OH YEAH!? Well I told my Michigan fan cousin that the Pats were going to take Winovich in the 2nd or 3rd… I’m stepping on my dick bc it’s hanging so low

Guy at work said the Colts would take RG3 over Luck. I laughed and said $20 they won’t. He got offended, showed me his extra long schlong and accepted. He still owes me… and mine was longer.

I really like Golladay but don’t think he’s worth a 16-18M/year contract. He just doesn’t get enough separation to be paid like an elite WR.

Stafford elevated his play throwing into microscopic windows. He’s a #2 WR at best. You can’t count on him getting open in crunch time with the game on the line. We’ve seen this time and time again. Most often you see Stafford getting sacked on 3rd down because he can’t find an open receiver.

That’s what an elite WR brings to the table.

so your complaining he’s not elite !? Kenny Golladay is playing pretty damn well in 2019 , PFF had him #3 in most productive player, he got 11 Td 's and was silly close to 1200 yards HERE sharing time @ WR. you have to remember It IS the Detroit Lions he plays for and our luck and fortunes have been very few.

I wouldn’t call Golladay Elite either and I agree he’s not the best route runner. But I have to admit he’s been improving in the category. I’m a big fan of WR’s with great route running abilities and I don’t think he will ever be known for his route running abilities. It’s just not the type of WR he is. But … he’s extremely good at winning contested catches.

The thing that bugs me about the Lions receiving group is that it lacks a great route runner a true possession type WR.

The Lions have MJ, Golladay and Hock who are all good at catching contested footballs. So if they could add a great possession WR to the mix they would be a tough group to defend.

The answer could come in this draft that is loaded with WR talent. I think the Lions could get a real stud with their second pick as there are 5-6 WR’s with first round talent in it.

The guy I like that could be there is LSU WR Justin Jefferson. He fits the mold we’re talking about.

Herman has a 14 TD and an 11 TD year too.

I think it shows that passing TD’s are down in the NFL. Which is odd with all the rule changes to help the passing game.

I’m complaining about paying him elite money when he’s not truly elite.

He’s a product of a great QB. Marvin Jones was on a similar TD & yards pace before he was injured and still ended up with 800 yards and 9 td’s in 13 games. Is Jones elite?

Do you want to pay Golladay 17M/year for 4-5 years?

It’s pretty obvious the Lions are lacking a true #1 receiver who can get open in crunch time. You don’t want to throw up contested balls with the game on the line.

I’m kind of torn with Kenny G. I think he’s an elite #2 WR and maybe a middle of the pack #1. I just don’t know that teams needed to give him the attention of a true #1 like Julio, AJ, AB, Hopkins gets. Our offense, while at times efficient, is still not striking fear in anyone. Teams can play us straight up because we don’t have a home run RB or even an above average RB, we don’t have a great pass catching RB, our tight ends were pretty terrible again, our QB is no threat to run the ball and even our WRs aren’t exactly burners. Kenny comes down with some balls that he flat out has no business catching, and that is what separates him from a lot of just decent WRs.

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No I want to run him off for some WR we will pay nicely IF he is any good. either way your going to pay millions if they are Golladay level or better. We are talking The Lions-- X, we have had extremely few Elite Players -here- so don’t understand why your so quick to want to send Kenny packing . but no let’s pay him cheap , piss him off , and lose him anyway.

I’d pay him in the Keenan Allen ($11,250,000) to Alshon Jeffery & T.Y. Hilton ($13,000,000) range. Nothing more.

that is fine X, neither you or I know what he ‘will’ end up getting. save to say it’s going to be rather eye-opening considering Quinn. I’m with you though, I don’t want to see anybody OVER Paid . Pay them fairly for what they have produced and that’s it.

I feel that years ago Stafford was over paid…it’s a fact, I can live with it now because when healthy ( 93% of the time) , he is near elite-level many times and at others ? he’s making mistakes like a #2. BUT he is also no longer thee top-paid QB . So in IMO, it evens out.

But I’ll tell you now I do NOT want to lose Golladay !