Fans would crucify Caldwell for winning

But nothing but praise towards Patricia. Jim Caldwell had 3/4 winning seasons and had back to back winning seasons for the Lions for the first time since 95. They fired him. Fans wanted him gone even after wins.

I want to know why the standard isn’t even close to the same. Why are fans not hating on Patricia after losses like they would for Caldwell after WINS??

Lions and their fan base seem like they are allergic to winners. Caldwell goes to SB has 5/7 winning seasons yet people hate him and want him gone. Patricia comes in goes 6-10 and now has a losing record… but he’s great!! No fire! No sideline presence. Less intensity than Caldwell

This organization has a major illness.


Caldwell was a dud, get over it.
He was voted the worst coach in the NFL by the other coaches for a reason.

Try spreading something positive for once instead of trying to bring your negativity to every board.


Caldwell was never voted the worst coach in the NFL.

He wasn’t that high but he wasn’t the worst.

Either way his replacement been better in any measurable way.

To spread something positive don’t you have to have something positive to spread? Asking for a friend…:thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking:


Don’t matter if we were 6-0, some posters would still come here and try to spread hate, it’s the M.O.

Hey, Dallas is winning though.

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The great and powerful Caldwell sure did a LOT with the Detroit Lions…not. Caldwell got canned after making too many bonehead decisions.

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I for one think Matty gets a lot of the blame.

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Novice posters need to understand the season is a marathon not a sprint.



You know you are absolutely right about that. I have seen posters shit on the Lions’ 2014 season on other boards. I think Mr. Iggy raises a good question but that said I wasn’t really a big fan of Jim Caldwell

USA Today Sports Voted Him such

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Most of those coaches are a joke. But I also wouldn’t rank him higher then 25

Who cares about meaningless rankings LOL. WTF is Caldwells record?

He’s a pro unlike Patricia.

Guys: Patricia probably won’t hit 7-9 like Marinelli did. He’s a joke.

A single writer’s opinion means something now?

Okay cool

Well…every part of this team that is good are the parts that don’t have Patricia’s finger prints on it.

Oh wait

If JC gets wins the SB as a HC in the next 10 years I’ll eat crow.

What you are complaining about sounds exactly like how you are with Stafford!

I don’t put a lot of stock in it but you said “Nobody” had him as worst coach in the NFL

Obviously that is not true. This made national news

Plus there is one where the NFL coaches or GM’s did as well but I haven’t found a link yet

My response was to the coaches never voted him as the worst coach in the NFL.