Fasting & Stem Cells

This is ground breaking stuff.
Just more evidence on the benefits of fasting.

Interesting tidbits. In fact, eye opening. This is why people recover from type II diabetes when they incorporate fasting into their life.
And it can possibly help repair and recover from heart/circulatory conditions and maybe even other situations.

“a 24-hour fast in mice induces fat breakdown in intestinal stem and progenitor cells. This fatty acid oxidation appears to in turn improve the function of stem cells”.

“As we age, stem cells in the intestine as well as in many other tissues of the body, including in the blood and nervous systems, become less functional,”

“They found that a single fast augments intestinal stem cell function in both young and aged mice, by boosting fat metabolism.”

“It appears that using fats for energy preserves the health and function of intestinal stem cells, and that the ability to break down and use fats for energy is impaired in older individuals — unless they fast.”

“What’s really interesting is that when you fast, you start to derive much more energy, respectively, from the breakdown of fat."

“Our results were quite surprising — a single 24-hour fast dramatically improved the function of stem cells regardless of age,” Yilmaz said. “We saw an improvement in stem cell function in young mice that were fasted, but more importantly a dramatic improvement in stem cell function in aged mice that were fasted.”


There is so much damn science supporting the benefits of “fasting.” I know that when I fast, I get a boost in energy and mental clarity. And sure enough, there’s science to back up why. Whenever I go on another “cut” to drop some body fat, I always like to start with a fast to rebalance my body to make the sacrifices made during the diet more effective.


How long do you typically fast for? Do you eat a big meal before fasting? Are you so famished afterward that you have eat more than normal?

You shouldn’t be “famished” or need some big meal before a fast. The idea that you’ll die or crash with no energy after a few days of fasting is a myth.

I’ve done various fasts. To kick off my diet I typically like to do a 48 hour fast. The hardest part is towards the beginning when you are switching your brain to think differently about food. Carbs are like giving kids a bunch of candy and icecream every day. If you suddenly cut them off, they start screaming about it. If you’ve had a steady diet of carbs for a while, your body and brain is going to do the same thing…scream and panic. Just get thru it and it will settle down.

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All good questions. I have not fasted more than 24 hours. Many people fast longer. No, don’t eat a big meal before fasting. Eat a normal size meal that is healthy/lowish carb before fasting. (Protein and lots of vegetables/fiber with some good fats) If you eat heavy and unhealthy before fasting, (pizza and beers) it makes fasting the next day much more difficult.
I eat dinner at around 8 PM and then fast the following day until 8 PM. That gives me my 24 hour fast.

I highly suggest following Dr. Jason Fung (a real doctor with experience) and his groups. The pictures and stories are impressive.

Join this group on facebook.

Watch some of his YouTube videos.

When combining fasting with lowish carb, these two effective tools are kick ass for 95% of the population. (including Matt Patricia :slight_smile: )

Indeed, the whole message that you have to eat 5 to 6 small meals per day which has been sold to the general public over the last 20 years, is/was completely junk science and marketing.

Yes, I have to stay busy. I walk or go to the gym. Or, I do tasks around the house. Walking long distances really helps me stay clear and comfortable.

Yes again. I have ADD, and when I fast, I find it much easier to concentrate and get shit done.

Also, good for men, generally if you fast over 24 hours, it raises testosterone levels.

There is a lot of research out there that exercise and keeping your body on the edge of starving i.e. hungry (not actually starving) is optimal for long life expectancy.

What I do a lot, and I find it effective for me, is to not eat breakfast after working out in the morning . I skip a meal either breakfast or lunch, and keep my workout schedule in the mornings. I don’t go crazy. This seems to really benefit me by the week. I haven’t tried 24 hour fasts, but just skipping a couple meals a week makes a dent.

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How are you supposed to bulk up if you’re fasting after workouts? Lol I think we work out for different reasons

The Hodge Twins have bulked while fasting after workouts, as well as others. Its about getting your overall caloric intake for the day, which can be done in a smaller eating window. If you refrain from eating right after a workout, there are some HGH benefits as well as a few others.


I used to fast once a week for a few months and I
felt generally better. But I would of course drink a lot of black coffee and I would usually eat some celery at night. I consider that a net negative food

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I saw this on the Jason Fung Facebook page.
I want to get into autophagy to enable some cellular level repair.
The longest I have ever fasted is 24 hours. Doing 36 to 48 hours would be really tough. I probably won’t sleep very well.

That would defiantly work for weight loss purposes.

Stories like this on Fung’s Facebook page are common.

What is interesting to me is, from a public health perspective and when talking about the costs of healthcare, fasting is the cheapest form of preventative medicine that there is. In fact, a person can immediately lower their food bill while simultaneously improving their health. All for free.

People on Fung’s page constantly talk about no longer needing diabetes, blood pressure, pain, and heart meds. It’s pretty cool.

This lifestyle technique could be a great national money saver.

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I have been doing this fasting thing since the ‘80s. Its kept my weight hovering around 200lbs, for a 6’ height. Not the greatest, but considering the obesity that runs in my family. I do so few healthy routines. Oddly this and Metamucil has kept me from being a complete shut-in.

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Awesome…good for you.
So you do like what, 16 to 20 hours between last meal one day, and the first meal the next day?

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I have good eating habits, yet far from a health nut. I normally do a 24-36hr stretch at least once a month. First meal is mostly always a bacon & eggs breakfast. Hence why, I’m not considered a health nut. But I always eat smaller portions and don’t binge…unless there’s an open bar.

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That’s amazing, congrats!

That’s not me. I am a little older. :cold_sweat::cold_sweat:

That was just a sample from the Jason Fung Facebook page.