Favorite Classical Music Piece?

Easy for me. Beethoven Pastoral 6th. All four movements.
Like honey for my ears.
Detroit Symphony Orchestra.

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Apocolypse Now got me hooked on Ride of the Vulkries.
Beethoven’s 6th.
The Six Wives of King Henry the 8th - Rick Wakeman

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I’m more of a Baroque guy than Classical.

Handel’s Messiah is pretty amazing. There’s a bass aria in it that I really like. .(who knew Doogie Howser as a geezer could sing?)

But there’s a simple lute concerto by Antonio Vivaldi that always makes me feel good inside.

2nd movement is so… sweet. Starts a little after 4:15.

And just about anything from JS Bach.

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Love the layered melodic restraint of Chopin. The notes just fall into each other, almost like listening to rain on a roof


I’m a huge fan of Strauss.

The Blue Danube

Hope they use a different mic for every performer

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That is one crazy lute. It takes two people to tune it.

I have a theory that if Vivaldi were alive in 20th century, he’d be a punk rocker. Can’t listen to Winter (4 seasons) without a head bob going… If you speed it up a bit, it’s punk rock.


I really love guitar picking. All kinds.
This guy and album is one of my all time favorites. Of course, only about .00000003% of the population knows anything about him. Really inspirational.
This whole album is phenomenal and would make great music for a Brew House. :slight_smile:

Might seem like a pervert but if Charlotte Church is singing, I’m listening. I like the russian marshall music. I like Beethoven the 5th and the ninth. Pié Jésu. O Mio Babbino Caro and Nessun Dorma. Flight of the Bumblebee. I also like the phantom of the opera, peter and the wolf
Beethoven 's ninth

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Brahms 4th in Em!

Boats and Hoes

Yeah, fantastic singer. I love listening to Italian being sung.

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F-cking lawyer. :wink:

Love most genres of music and ashamed to say that classical is my biggest void. About as far I get is ELP’s “Fanfare for the Common Man”.

Start with Mozart. Very accessible melodies.

Brahms and Wagner, too!
Cans and Brahms, by Rick Wakeman got me going.

Not sure if this counts?

Ecstacy of Gold, Ennio Morricone.

(Even better is the Metallica S&M version.)

I love when they play tbe original at the Bellagio Fountains. That’s a combo I will stop in my tracks for every single time I hear and see them together.

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I was discussing Brahms with some one last week. He stated Brahms was the greatest composer ever. I told him Brahms was the water boy in the Classical Music Super Bowl.

This is a great video of Beethoven’s 6th. Good up close of the orchestra.
West–Eastern Divan Orchestra
Daniel Barenboim, conductor
Royal Albert Hall, 23 July 2012

Music bringing cultures and people together.

“In 1999, Daniel Barenboim and Edward Said founded the West-Eastern Divan as a workshop for Israeli, Palestinian and other Arab musicians. Meeting in Weimar, Germany – a place where the humanistic ideals of the Enlightenment are overshadowed by the Holocaust – they materialized a hope to replace ignorance with education, knowledge and understanding; to humanize the other; to imagine a better future. Within the workshop, individuals who had only interacted with each other through the prism of war found themselves living and working together as equals. As they listened to each other during rehearsals and discussions, they traversed deep political and ideological divides. Though this experiment in coexistence was intended as a one-time event, it quickly evolved into a legendary orchestra.”

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