Favorite Orders from Your Favorite Fast Food Places

Years ago after Chick-fil-A filled an order for us that wasn’t on their menu I started attempting to customize my orders at DQ and TB too. Don’t care for anywhere else, though Panera and Firehouse Subs are good but not sure if that’s ‘fast’ food…

Anyway, going by DQ the other day I had no urge to stop for anything on their menu. They usually customize shakes for me so I started running through all combinations in my head as DQ approached… Well, peanut butter is always my first ingredient (add it to my homemade chocolate frosting all the time). I also enjoy the Oreo Royal blizzard, so why not have them add a squirt or 2 of peanut butter?

It was so good and my new favorite! Might try adding sea salt/caramel to something next.

I’m partial to the McD double fillet-O-fish. They’re on the menu for the fatties down south, but a special order up here.

The Impossible Whopper. I’ve always been a fan of the Whopper, but, a veggie burger that tastes like a Whopper? No way!
Fast food that won’t still be in your gut in a year?
Hell, yeah!

Impossible Whopper is grilled on the same grille as real burgers. Of course it will taste like a burger. If you call Burger King a real burger.

Plus it is double dip battered in Round - UP.

No shit!
Rotten bastards!
They need to start treating this bullshit exactly like what it is, negligent homicide.

We must protect people with our fake foods, because they do not know better. Its good for you, dammit, whatever facts may arise by uneducated individuals.

They’re also pure saturated fat, to give it that burger-y taste.

In n Out, double double animal style, fries animal style.
In N Out has a whole “secret” menu.

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To make it taste like something other than grass, they loaded it with saturated fat from beef, if my source is correct.

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Dont eat a whole lot of fast food anymore, but the $1 breakfast burritos at Taco Bell are fantastic. Wife and i get burritos, hash browns and coffee for like 6 bucks.

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3 McDoubles 72 grams of protein.

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Grilled Chicken Club at Chick Fil A. At 460 calories it fills me up. I hate paying for healthier options that leave me hungry 5 minutes later. At 37 grams of chicken protein, it helps to feed the muscles. And it has bacon. Oh how I love bacon.

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That was the last thing I ate in 2019, and I woke up and ate their spicy chicken sandwich for a brunch…

Ended a decade and started a new one with some chic fil a…

Unfortunately the nearest one is 2+ hours away, the wife picked them up while working out of town.

We don’t have any Chick Fil A near us…:pensive:

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Don’t worry it is overrated.

I think not. Have them every time I visit family down south.

Could be one of those things that is really good since you can’t get it all the time. I have one nearby so I can get it anytime. It might be like me, I probably overvalue In-N-Out burger but I only have it at most once a year when I head to Vegas or LA.