Few Players I would consider trying to trade or release

Kennard, Devon save $5,425,000 Reason is he is to slow yes he holds edge well but to slow to QB an in coverage IMO

Harrison Damon save $6,718,750 Not sure his heart is in playing all out anymore. If he talks to staff an he gives his all ok but right now I am not buying him giving it his all.

Those two moves would $12,143,750 That would help towards signing a couple of DTs one for sure like would try for 2
Vernon Butler
D.J. Reader
Javon Hargrave
Jordan Phillips

If they get one you could look at draft for Brown or maybe Kinlaw few others look solid in second rd

I actually think Kennard’s a solid football player. He’ been miscast as one of our best football players unfortunately. If he’s one of our mid tier starters then we’re in pretty good shape. Just need to add a couple studs to the front seven and let him be a glue guy.

I think he is to slow I think he is solid run defender but way he is used , to slow to QB an poor on coverage.

Agree, for what his replacement would cost I don’t think it would be worth it to just cut him. He is not the problem. Harrison may make that decision for us if he honestly decides to retire, but I agree, Coyote, I would rather use that money on signing someone younger.

I’m not a big Kennard fan. I hate LBers who lack range and Kennard does. He has value in a limited role but an upgrade would be the best case scenario if you ask me. If the Lions cut him lose to bring in a more complete player I’d be ecstatic.

Personally I think the Lions need speed and better coverage skills at LBer.

However I view DT, DE, and CB as bigger needs.

Who are some of your favorites in this draft?

I think Chaisson would be a huge upgrade, Uche could be, but I’m looking for a 3 down LB, not a situational player. Dye has good coverage ability and can move, I also like Willie Gay if he could be had in the 4th or 5th.

Murphy is my favorite (by far) but that would be in a trade down or trade up scenario. Simmons in the same scenario would be choice number two I guess.

Personally I’m not huge on this LBer draft class to be honest.

Edge types I like Baun, Chaisson, and Uche.

My sleeper LBer that I think fits MP’s mold is Joydn Brooks.


BEST TRAIT - Burst/Bend

WORST TRAIT - Experience

RED FLAGS - Has had a stress fracture in his foot and torn meniscus

NFL COMP - Devon Kennard