Finally a former Lions player has something good to say after leaving the team

Good Luck to Sam Martin and thanks for keeping it classy. He posted this nice parting letter.


Agreed Air!!

Sam thanks for work you put in here in Detroit! I wish you the best man!!


This will be the shortest thread in the history of the den. LOL. …unless

Well if stafford wouldn’t have forced him out of town by faking an injury -type shit shows up. LOL

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I was expecting Martin to shank the end of his thank you post


Well, it’s easy for him. He’s a pro. He just punted as usual.

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Logan thomas did the same

You mean Stafford didn’t fake an injury just to get Martin sent packing. Probably Martin was upset over not seeing his QB in a shirtless tweet like Mahomes.

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He made a crap ton of money here by just being an ok punter at times. Why would he go nuclear on an organization that overpaid the crap out of him and asked for nothing in return on the field?

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He’s a good guy and seemed like a good teammate.

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Weird, over the last 4 years, Martin made $10.225 million with the Lions, averaging $2.55 million/year. He signed a deal with Denver to make $7 million over 3 years, or $2.33 million/year. So, by your standards, an extra 220k/year is “overpaying the crap out of him”? It’s almost like, he was average and made what average punters make…


Yeah, Quinn has been trying to save money on special teams since he’s been here. Drafting a Long Snapper to replace Mule on the cheap, fail. And now cutting Martin, I guess in hopes of drafting a punter.

Didn’t we try this with drafting Nate Freese as well to replace Hanson, another fail.

I don’t think replacing Kickers and Punters is as easy as they think.

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Martin was a good punter for the most part, he did have a habit of shanking one at very inopportune times. I’m okay with his release, punters seem to change teams frequently and there are very few elite ones… If any.

I think this is the reason Wagner is gone, too.

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No, I get it.
Like you said, he shanked in crucial times. I don’t view him as great…but it just seems like we create more holes faster than we can fill them.

Two come to mind–in the playoffs against Dallas and in a game against Cincinnati at Ford Field, which cost the Lions in a close game.

Martin did pull a few to many. Punters don’t normally do kick offs either. Maybe he was little over worked.


I hope they’re not trying to go cheap on punter, it seems like a minimum investment that could have large ramifications… there are perfect examples in the post above. Someone they should bring in is Matt Bosher, he’s a really good punter when healthy, he missed most of last season with a groin issue.

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So we are going to draft a punter round 3 now. Good luck Martin.

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He’s a punter. There are other guys out there that can punt. They are pretty easy to find.

In that thin air in Denver I bet he becomes one of the better NFL punters.