Firing these many assistants when process is making progress?

Why they are not having continuity of keeping assistants when process is making progress . Special team axing make sense . Now I don’t have no confidence getting new assistance and starting over again . Culpurits are not fired , but they are firing here and there after miss guiding Fords and fans

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Can"t believe PP has not been let go. How is MP getting away with this?

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They used the position guy that Quinn fucked as a scapegoat.
Quinn gave away our best Safety leaving the DB room in chaos and pissed, then blamed the DB coach for the units failings.


He’s the one I actually thought should have stayed. i think the DBs are better than many suspect, once we apply some pressure. We need DL, IMO. I don’t think the DBs are the issue.

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Richard Sherman in his prime would have a tough time covering someone for 20-30 seconds. That’s what they asked of the DB’s every passing play.


Hmmm. Steve Belichick is currently the safeties coach at NE. Maybe he’s the new sheriff to be. Perhaps BB doesn’t want him to just take over once he’s done and wants him to earn his stripes elsewhere. No tougher place than Detroit, where BB himself started out.

DB talent is there, not necessarily execution.
I also thought Bo Davis was the most likely to be fired, but if anyone has an excuse for poor performance, it’s him.

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