Flavored Vapes

Curious on some opinions here. I am a former cigarette smoker that has never “vaped” other than to try it once. I get that there should be a lot more studies done to see if it’s safe, just like any other consumable product on the shelves. But what has bothered me in this debate is the theme that “flavored” vape products are an “obvious” attempt to lure children. Sooooooooo we’re back to Whiskey and Beer right?? I mean, entire industries would need to be destroyed. Wine coolers, Daiquiri mixes, no juice allowed in mixed drinks right? Because if it tastes good it equals “targeting children” correct?

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Vaping is definitely college age kids and younger. So, in those regards flavoring it is exactly targeting this group. Is it wrong, who knows. The subject is way off my radar.

I don’t think putting any smoke in our lungs is smart - not made for it.

Smoking anything… weed, cigarettes, cigars or vape is bad imho.

You heave to decide if the risk I worth it.

I don’t think so … but, when weed goes legal for rec use is OK, I’ll smoke some but not a lot …

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You’re not in Michigan?
I smoke and vape (and I’m 60, btw). Trying to cut back on smoking, and, it’s working.
All I can tell you is that I feel better and I sing better.


Ok, I have no issue making vaping products only available to people 18 and older just like tobacco. What I have an issue with is attacking an industry with the reasoning that also would apply to every drink that is made to taste good, not bad. Where is the demand to ban drink mixes and wine coolers? I also don’t think that you can make the statement that ONLY HS and College age kids do it. I think there are indeed lots of people at older ages than that, that are using it to quit smoking, or move to a “safer” alternative.

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Personally, I think vaping is worse…

I’m reading way too many stories on damaged lungs of vapors and no ever on smoking… in terms of how quickly and acute the lung damage is done vaping.

More of an opinion that me standing behind facts


Yeah I’m not advocating for it. From what I’ve “heard” is that it’s not the normal product that has been killing folks, but the weed infused versions. Not sure, but I’m strictly speaking of them going with “if it tastes good, it’s obvious they are targeting kids with products meant for adults” with the intent of suing the F out of them. Adults like things that taste good too and like I said, no one is making the correlation out there that tons of alcohol products are made to taste better than turpentine as well. In fact there are tons of alcohol related products that advertise that they taste good.

Not really worried about the weed infused versions. The mass amount going into the lungs is far less. You learn pretty damn quick not to take a big draw. Lungs remind you.

About flavored drinks to vape, goes right over my head. Don’t see a link. Hell, I’m old and love a flavored drink.

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Double or triple the amount of nicotine, which is a vasal constrictor.

Watermelon flavored smokes that lead to…hemorrhoids, strokes, heart attacks, anaresyums, and erectile dysfunction my fellow Lions buddies.

Wait, did I miss something. Are you talking about regular vape? Mine is only 5% nicotine.

Vaping isn’t smoke. It’s water “vapor” (the ‘vape’ part of the vape) mixed with nicotine.

I’m 40 and I vape, as does my 38 year old wife. So much better than smoking. 2 pack a day marlboro red 100’s and quit 4 years ago. Vaping, yes. Smoking no, still more energy, able to smell things again, taste food, basically all the benefits of not smoking but still getting the nicotine fix. Dr says my lung functions are as normal as a non smoker.

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This is nonsense. What, you talking about the crap from 4-5 months ago when idiots were vaping THC using a vitamin E oil which, btw, were usually homemade.

The “actual” nicotine with PG/VG which turns to … wait for it… WATER VAPOR… Is no different than sitting in a sauna or hot shower or a humid day. It’s water vapor.

The hysteria around vaping is nonsensical.

it’s 100% the THC stuff. No one is arguing the black market THC shit mixed with vitamin E oil (so it “vapes”) is bad, it’s retarded. Quality of life is better for 100% of the people who quit smoking with vapes.

The flavored shit getting banned is mostly those juul pods or whatever, the stuff you buy in real vape shops or cigarette shops that sell vape juice that is flavored it not. The big tank mods are not affected by the ban like juul or whatever other brand of the cartridge ecig.


Thanks for your insight on this. I just don’t think that banning flavors is right and it doesn’t affect me one way or the other bc I don’t use it. I mean if a kid wants to taste cotton candy, there is always… cotton candy. The rationale is flawed.

Dead - I love smart debates so thank you.

As I said initially, I’m aware of my “opinion” vs the few real fact out there on vaping. And because I don’t do it, as I don’t trust any man made smoke going into my lungs, I’m ignorant to it overall.

I didn’t even know i Until you posted it that you could vap THC… humans are fucking crazy. Just smoke weed normally! If they legalize it in OK, I will smoke it again but on minimal basis. Like to help sleep at night… I currently use the oil and it helps more than I ever thought it would.

So, I look around the internet - with the hopes of quality discernment - and found this …

It is right in line with your comment Dead.

I still will never vape myself, never smoked cigarettes but before joining the military in 1988, I smoked weed several times a week… I understand seen today is like 120 octane fuel and weed in 88’ was 89 octane imho. This is why I will not smoke today’s weed the same way I smoked in the past - if it’s legalized.

My main point of this post is what debates and simple beliefs are and should be about… Honest, Openminded and willingness to see someone else point of view.

Your point was taken and I researched it a little. It and come away feeling vapes “may” be safer than what I thought I knows before. So thank for the insight brother!

As for the companies targeting kids… it’s sick but nothing can be done imho. We have to be parents and solid role models for our kids. Meaning tell them the truth, the good and then bad, and help them make their own educated choice.

Banning flavors is stupid. I see it as a ploy. And maybe even deceitful- like big business having the government do a small thing like this to make the public happy for the time being… I don’t really know…

Biggest thing is free will and our God given right to choose. No government, at any level, should take that away.

My example: Oklahoma Helmet law.

I have a personal conviction: Helmets saves lives period. My opinions on vaping are only beliefs which can change …

Others feel helmets are bad and I can show them facts… tons of facts to prove, not just think, but prove they are 100% seeing. The accident data as well and design data. And I have exercises I conduct in class training to show you your vision is not skewed.


I love the law we have as it allows choice. We have a no helmet law for adults and minors must wear one until 18.

So, I teach and train you about helmets and why they are the best option, like 53x more safer, as well as the risk you must accept if you don’t wear one. and you get to choose at the end of the day.

Back to Vapes and cigs and booze. All suck imho and personally I wish they were all illegal. My motto is “God made weed, man made beer. Who ya gonna trust!!” And stop chemically modifies all of it. But that’s me…

I know that will not happen and I don’t feel it’s right to take you or my choice away to be stupid or safe. We choose wrong or right.

Cool to now know many vaping injuries are more on the THC side - so thanks!

Long post - but that’s my choice!! :crazy_face:

Don’t really agree with this - next flavored beer and coolers get banned?

And I’m a recovering alcoholic :thinking:

Not all vapes are dangerous, and not all of them are that high in nicotine.

Please provide sources if you’re going to throw false facts out there.

If a person is taking in nicotine, every vaping method is dangerous. Each and every one of them.


Oxygen has killed 100% of people to ever try it too, but fine.

I’ll rephrase.

Some of the “facts” being thrown around about it are overblown needlessly.