Flowers Ain't Watchin' Playoffs

Flowers says, “Nah”

Interesting read with this interview. This has to be real tough for him this time of year, but love his attitude.

I ain’t watching either. Probably watch the SB to see the commercials as much as the play though.

Oh, I’ll be following the Chiefs. My sister’s family are all living in Kansas.

I take the opposite view. It’s a good chance to see actual NFL caliber franchises play football. I have been watching the Redzone most of the year because, well, I just enjoy watching good football. How often do you get to see that in a Detroit Lions season?


Great points.

I can understand Flower’s position, as a player whose team was pretty disappointing.

But as a fan, I love the playoffs and will be watching pretty much every minute and rooting for the teams I want to win.

Hate when football season ends. At least it’s some good football to watch, even if it isn’t my team.


Me too. NFL is rigged, so watch NE get in and Saints get fucked again.

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I’ve taken the Flowers approach for many seasons now. Lions aren’t there? Neither am I.

Misleading topic?

“I probably won’t watch much, I ain’t going to lie,” he said during locker room clean out on Monday. “You know, if it’s on, it’s on. But, I’m not going to tune into it too much … yeah.”

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Oh, I can’t wait to see how the Refs gift Erin the NFC game.

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