Flowers is terrible

Bogus penalties aside…

Enough of the BS about how this guy brings all of this value… most of it “hidden”. The guy has no length, no pass rush moves, and no explosion. This is a garbage signing. He is not an impact player.

Give. It. Up

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Season’s a marathon

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He’s not wrong though. How can anyone think he is worth the money he is making. I knew it was a bad signing, and got called out for it. I would rather have Ziggy back for 6 games.

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Has anyone seen anything other than a bull rush from Flowers? Does he even have any pass rush moves?

You cant beat rodgers rushing three guys that look like they a running in a foot of mud.

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The irony is that his bull rush on the hands to face penalties was impactful. So he has two really plus plays become game changing calls.

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The Packers LT is one, if not the best pass blockers in the league. I was hoping for more from Flowers tonight. But he shouldn’t be judged by those two bogus calls against him.

Heads up since I know this was already being fervently discussed before the game ended:

NO NAME CALLING PLEASE. Attack points, not people.

Thanks y’all! :kiss:

Word is upon completing the demonstration, refs burst in and threw another flag.


He’s a good solid player, he isn’t a difference maker and not a good pass rusher. We have no true pass rushers on this team. He’s a nice piece but not worth that contract.


His career high in sacks is 7.5. I don’t think we signed him for his pass rush skills. The patriots don’t go after high sack guys. Chandler jones was let to walk after his rookie contract. They get pressure from the LB’s and 3rd level. Defensive line is all about holding up the offensive lineman and containment. Lb’s are not playing well right now…that’s the bigger issue.

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The Patriots also don’t sign guys like Flowers to huge contracts and instead let them walk.

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We’re rushing 3. They have at least 5 blockers on the line and usually a RB blocking behind the line. There are generally at least 6 blocking 3.
That’s the trade off with a 3-4 in Nickle.


He’s being judged on his complete lack of production/ impact he has made throughout the season. He didn’t do anything in camp, started the season in terrible shape, and is now not making an impact.

$16 million a year for what? Does he really even bring much else to the table than former Lions DE Jason Jones?

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He was much more impactful in New England. He was in the backfield consistently and was a wrecking ball in the playoffs. I wonder if it’s a scheme issue which is a coverage heavy scheme or if he’s feeling the weight of expectations from the contract because this is not the same player he was in New England.

All that cash is weighing him down.

It’s the other pieces, too.

Aaron Donald doesn’t have length, it means nothing.

Is Aaron Donald a defensive end?

That’s not a good statement. The Pats let Flowers walk, then drafted Winovich who already has 4 sacks and isn’t even playing a high amount of snaps yet. Every single team that plays football at every level, wants as many sacks as possible.

Winovich plays like 35-30% of the snaps so far as has 4 sacks.
Flowers plays 65% of the snaps and has a whopping ONE TACKLE FOR LOSS in 5 games.

No way in hell the Lions are happy with his output. He may very well be doing some things correctly, especially on run plays, but when it’s pin your ears back time, he has been easily deleted by every opponent.

Okwara is more impactful at a third of the price for a lot less years.

There was nobody happier than me when they signed Flowers because I saw a high impact 3 down player in New England but he has been a massive bust so far.

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