For all the Stafford haters

I would never move on from Stafford. The man wants to retire a Lion and bring a Superbowl to Detroit. You aren’t going to find a guy with a better arm for a few more years at least…and he hates losing…your just having trouble gauging it apparently.


Could be. Im not afraid to admit when im wrong by any means.

Maybe next time i see him smiling at the podium after a brutal loss I’ll remind myself that this is stafford’s way of dealing with a loss. We’re all different… nothing wrong with that.


Is that honestly though how you have been judging him though? Bc he is pleasant to the media after he loses a game? People complain when Cam Newton is moody and sullen when he loses…

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No. That observation was simply one small observation that makes up an insignificant portion of the total pie chart. Ive always thought Stafford was an above average qb and a solid leader. Ive judged him on a lot of things over the years and have always considered him to be a good, but probably not great, player.

At times ive questioned his competitiveness based on press conferences after games. There have been times where i felt like he could not have cared less about the bullshit loss that just got shoved down our throats. Ive seen him smiling and calmly discussing fixing mistakes as he’s done many times before after games where i was left seething.

Ive made the mistake of sharing my observation on this board.

It was just an observation and i never said i thought Stafford was “garbage” or anything at all like that. I simply stated i think there’s a difference in his level of overall competitiveness compared to what ive observed from some of the greatest of all time.

It’s unfair to Stafford and was dumb of me to suggest it to a board that rabidly defends him. Probably best to have kept it to myself.

Honestly, your dealing with a true professional. Can’t ever get too low or too high after a win or a lose. If you want to judge his competitive fire then study him on the field when he is forcing his way back on the field w a dislocated shoulder to throw a game winning td in a meaningless game between 2 bottoms tier teams. Or when he trucks a titans lb, Or when he is playing with a broken back for the final 4-5 games of a season, or like in the chiefs game was the closest he ever has been to not playing and he comes out and trucks two defenders and has an amazing game. You don’t have to be a Stafford slappy to see that the kid loves the game and plays with everything he has for this city and his teammates.


No disagreement at all

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At the end of his run, Matt will be in the top 30-40 QB’s ever. That’s some great company.
So he’ll never be in the top ten? I don’t understand those who don’t appreciate Matt Stafford. I just don’t.


Brady avoids his wife, Matt takes it out on his :wink:
Matt is obviously more accurate too, as evidenced by the twins!

Same here. I think he’ll be higher than top 30-40 though. No homer!

I’m just saying people who think like I do are going to mention it a bit when we hear football players saying he’d have hardware right now if he’d been in better situations. These conversation are surfacing because Stafford is having so much success in this system. I’m just wondering, as I always do what he could do with an average or better run game and defense at the same time.


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Splitting hairs here, but Kelly has stated how Matt’s impossible to talk to after a loss.

showing he cares about losing games bc it pisses him off so much , even at home.

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No where in my post did I call anyone out. That’s not my style. But I did target the haters and made a single point. QB’s don’t win football games. Good teams do. All a QB can be expected to do is lead an offense and score TD’s.

A coach and GM should be judged by wins. Not a QB…

If all it took was a great QB than Marino would have a SB ring and Rogers would have a handful.

Personally, I couldn’t be happier!
I mean, this is the Stafford we’ve all seen glimpses or stretches only to have it fade away. I’m glad we finally found a HC that wants to play with a lead and OC who can actually get the best out of Stafford…but I’ll be honest, it’s only been 7 games and I’m not celebrating just yet, not until I see a full 16 games of it will I maybe forget all the other years he’s teased us. Let’s hope he can keep it up!
(That’s what she said!)

This is a real good point…people all handle disappointment differently. A person can be just as angry in the inside as someone who is yelling and screaming. If stafford was doing those things most would call him childish.

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Then we have guys like you that make the “never supported” claim that Stafford is not as or more talented than Brady or on his level , show me the “I cant believe he just made that throw highlight reel of Brady’s” & when you do it will be the first .

The 10 year track record ? The Lions have a 10 year track record of not getting the personnel needed to compete, a Coaching staff that resembles Championship caliber, a run game that does not look like an after thought or a formality .

Lets just be clear here and let’s back up our takes instead of spewing an opinion with no data to back it up as the “for Godsakes” does not add merit or validity to what you say , it screams you can’t support the take.

I can support my Matthew Stafford take so i’ll wait .


Brady’s wow-factor is his accuracy. He doesn’t have as strong of an arm as Stafford but he puts the ball where only his guy can get it or where his guy has a chance to run after the catch. People get too caught-up in Stafford’s arm-strength and his ability to throw side-arm, which at times he tries too much.

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Agreed NYL. If we are talking about God given talent and ability is it really that far fetched to say Stafford is more talented than Brady? Part of what makes Brady so amazing, and he is amazing, is the team that he is on and the coach he has. Great Qbs reach their full potential when they are on good teams with great coaching and always competes for Super Bowls. If Stafford wins 1 superbowl it would validate all his numbers and his entire career, but people would appreciate him more AFTER THE FACT. Imagine if he was with a winning team as he is breaking these records…all of a sudden there are not meaningless stats (they aren’t) but record breaking plays by a all time great qb.

It is SO hard to compare QB’s because EVERYTHING about their circumstances and environment are different. You simply cannot replicate the exact same situation. I would say that Stafford has better pure talent than Brady. But I do think Brady probably has better intangibles than Stafford. Not by much but better. Rogers is so blasted good because he has both the talent and the intangibles. It is rare to see Rogers or Brady have an in game mental lapse. Stafford just talked about his interception last week and said he was caught between two decisions and then just made a bad throw. It happens - but it does happen more frequently to Stafford than it does to Rogers or Brady. On a game by game basis my guess is that Rogers and Brady make a few less “lost in the game” moments than Stafford does. Knowing when to extend a play or just get rid of the ball is a really important component of QB play and while Stafford is better than he used to be he still is not as efficient as these other two guys. We will never know how good Stafford might be if he started the way Rogers and Brady did and then entered into a system and played in that system for his entire career. There is no doubt great advantage to that. I am certain the narrative surrounding him would be different. But this is one of the very reasons I love Stafford and prefer him over these other two. He accepted his role in Detroit and has been a complete professional in filling that role. He loves the city, respects the game, never shows arrogance or talks about himself works his butt off to be available every week. He fits us well.


Stafford deserves a ton of praise. He is playing at an extremely high level. It’s very simple… when he plays like this he will get praise. He’s a top 7 QB right now. If he fades later in the season this start will mean nothing.

If Stafford plays good, he will get all the credit in the world. If he plays poorly ,and folds against tough teams/ big situations ,like the entire first decade of his career has gone, he will get crucified.

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The truth is you have NEVER seen him smiling at the podium after a brutal loss

That is just you making shit up to fit your narrative that he doesn’t care

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I liked this post for what Stafford is to the Lions but again the narrative with Stafford and the other QB’s in regards to bad throws is just not a fact and prior to this year it was all an eye test.
We watch Stafford all the time so we are harsher on him because we see all of his throws but the bad throw stat and now bad or poor throw % is now being recorded and yes the throws are often effected by the situation , down and distance , and score, so no situation for each is the same but Brady makes a lot of bad throws or misses, Aaron overthrows a ton of passes and Aaron often throws balls away rather then forcing an issue to a fault .

Stafford has always had to win games , score because if you do not the other team will and in order to keep pace mistakes made, no run game to lean on and no defense to count on to live for another possession. This season and the praise and or rough criticism Brady and Rodgers in MVP talks yet Stafford’s numbers are better and it shows.

Brady 54 & Aaron 48 have both made more poor throws than Stafford 47 this season, similar numbers from elite QB’s yet we dont see every throw of the others , I do, but not in the moment and not with the same focus as watching live.

You then have Dak Prescott who makes a poor throw every 10 passes, who is ranked #1 in poor throws per attempt . And it shows when you watch the games .

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