For now, NFL Draft not moving

I’m glad they are …without all of the hoopla and red carpet nonsense.
I would love for them to condense it again…Saturday rounds 1-3 and Sunday 4-7 …have all 32 teams with a Skype setup and when the pick is in have a rep from each team announce the pick , have people in studio to break the pick down , show highlights & as usual go to commercial before and after the Lions pick… :exploding_head:


God I’d love it without all the nonsense as well
The first time I saw the red carpet thing I turned it off
It’s gone too far — I’d much prefer it be permanently toned down


Think sports fans need this. I think we need this.

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Nor should it move. Echoing others in saying that the sports world needs something and this is about as safe as it can get.

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One thing I’d love to see, but won’t, is mics in the war rooms.

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Ford is saying they want to resume production at a couple facilities starting (I think) April 15
The draft should happen— some normalcy is probably good
The $ vs lives debate in real world is just ramping up

This is tradition and should not be interrupted.


It’s still going to be hours of talking heads, they just won’t be wearing the airplane grade headphones to drown out the crowd noise.

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This might turn out to be the best draft ever.

I love the draft…at least, the part of the draft that actually covers football. I loved when Mike Mayock would throw temper tantrums about all the bullshit and agreed with him 100%.

Stuff like:

“And now, we head to San Diego where a group of circus clowns will make the Chargers 6th round selection” (Camera pans to a bunch of jackasses who care nothing about football to read a card on a massive delay where the brutally mispronounce the draftees name)

Ugh. Cringe. Barf.

The thought of the networks being forced to stick to football and not incorporate that nonsense is very exciting to me. I’m cautiously optimistic that they might actually show tape on the 3rd day picks for once instead of the dog and pony show they run between commercials.

That’d be incredible.

Would never happen but man, I can’t think of anything I’d love more.

Watched Ill/Penn St play a b’ball game that went commercial free, with both coaches mic’d last month. You were in the huddles during timeouts and referee stoppages.

It was one of the best things I’ve ever witnessed in the sportsworld.

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That’s awesome. They were doing that in the XFL a bit as well - where you could listen in and hear play calls. I loved it.

Teams value their privacy so much which makes me think we’ll never see a day where the NFL gives us this kind of access, at least not live. Even if they released 3+ year old games or something with this stuff though, I’d watch them. I love that behind the scenes sort of stuff we never get to see.

The ultimate for me would be if they released old drafts where we got to hear discussions in the war rooms. Hell, I wouldn’t care if they put a 10 year delay on those. I’d love to go back and watch Millen, Mayhew, and Quinn make decisions during the draft…even if it was 10 years after the fact.

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I think they should have the talking heads be in a around the horn kind of way with dan o being in control of muting them and that.

What if the commercial is a local spot of Stafford donating to rescue puppy shelter? It has video cuts of Kelly Stafford holding little puppies with all of her family and friends gathered around at the charity event. Then the next commercial is a sports energy bar called the TBAR12 with Aaron Rogers and Tom Brady working out on an off-season High school field sweating in the sun…they cut to all the Lombardi trophies between Rogers and Brady with the TBAR12 in front…

…and…CUT! That’s a wrap everyone!

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The draft should have been skyped years ago anyway. Watching guys get a phone call and then blowing what would be actual entertainment, has been disappointing for years.

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I know some GMs have complained about not being able to bring players in for interviews and psych tests. I am guessing a lot of interaction with players should have happened at the combine or senior bowl. Or I guess they could interview players in other fashions.

Have you not watched in years? They quit doing that several years ago. Just stay off social media and you will hear the picks as Goddell reads them.

I will be interested in how this plays out.

Wut? lol

I like the Stafford’s and I love animal rescues. Big Tom Brady fan as well. So…umm…I guess that’d be cool? Sure?

But the Rodgers part would make me sick.