For the first time... I might think about trading Stafford this offseason

I’ve been a Stafford supporter for many years. But let’s see what Blough can do down the stretch, after teams get some film on him. I’d be evaluating him very closely. He played a heck of a game on just a few walkthroughs and looked Breeesque at times.

Now it’s way early to talk about Blough becoming the new starter. Clearly they need to see much more from him. And I would HATE to bail on Stafford after he stuck it out for all these years without a D and run game. Would it be the next Lions jinx move if he goes on to win big with another club? Yikes.

And they’d almost have to give Blough a good raise. But he’d still be on what amounts to a rookie deal.

The questions are, is he the guy? And what would they get in return for Stafford? If it’s a 1st plus, and you’d have to think they can get AT LEAST that in this from at least one team in this QB starved league, I’d bite hard and maybe do it. I like Blough’s skills and moxy, and having Driskell behind him kind of seals the deal.

Am I crazy? The money saved and the draft capital to boot. Would make moving up for Chase Young a no brainer. Hmmm.

Yeah. No…


Does it help us if defenses have zero tape on our backups? I mean, Blough looked promising in his first start and like we may have a couple backup capable of coming in for a game or 2, if we had a defense… But after the first quarter his numbers weren’t good.

Neither come close to Stafford. But I’m glad they’re seeing the field now if we plan on keeping either or both around to backup Stafford.

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I wouldn’t consider trading Stafford for less than two firsts. And I doubt he’d fetch that coming off back problems.

But Blough didn’t look out-of-place out there at all.

The X factor for me is Bevell. He seems to have a great system no matter who’s in there. He might have seen shades of Russell Wilson out there with the houdini escape moves. Also see a bit of Brees in him.

The questions remain, how good really is he? I’d like to find out. And if another team was willing to cough up big picks? Plus, you could sign 2 top free agents for Stafford’s salary. So that’s a lot of return.

I feel dirty even suggesting it. Like a went to a dinner party without my girl and unexpectedly wanted to go home with some chick I met for the first time. Haha.

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No thanks. Healthy Stafford is better than most QBs in the NFL, and he’s finally working with a proper OC again. The Lions have lots of problems, trading Stafford won’t solve any of them.

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Agree with the first part. I knew it wouldn’t be a popular take. Don’t agree with the second part. If Blough is as good as I think he can be, if you get a first rounder to compensate for moving up for Chase Young, and another high pick, pay Blough peanuts and take Stafford’s money and sign a stud OG and whatever else you like… that’s when I think about it. If the return on Stafford was used wisely, you could wind up with 4 stud players (including probably 2 very good young players coming up on their second contract) including the best defensive player in the next draft and another high pick to boot.

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It would be a definite downgrade at QB for us.

So I can only assume a move like this would be as a money saving move.

What exactly have we missed out on by paying Stafford what we’re paying him?

**keep in mind, we have $20 mil sitting there doing absolutely nothing right now.

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True in year 1 at least. But Blough is just 24 and seems to have been in command of the offense with just walkthrough practices.

Some interesting QBs have come in as UDFAs, and Brady was a 6th rounder.

OK, I had a few beers. But I wanna see much more of this kid down the stretch. We would have a shit ton of $$$ in free agency next year.

I’m not eating 20 million dollars in dead cap to trade Stafford unless he pulls a Carson Palmer.

It would have to be a sign and trade where the other team eats it. That’s allowed no?

Absolutley nucking futs. SMFH

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Hahaha. You spelled “absolutely” wrong. :wink:


Naw there isn’t anyway around it to my knowledge.

2021 is the the 1st time it becomes palatable

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Hmmm, I know Houston actually ate part of Clowney’s tag money voluntarily in the trade with Seattle, i.e. they didn’t have to, but I guess tags are different.

No interest in trading Stafford. I do think we should keep an open mind to finding his heir apparent. I like Blough but I don’t think he’s that guy.

I have zero interest in getting rid of the best thing about this team just to give Quinn more resources to acquire mid level talent and have the masses on here try to justify it by claiming that they are Patricia type players.

F’ That. Just thinking about it pisses me off. I could really see that as the thing that broke the camels back with me.

Quinn can do all the shopping and maneuvering that he wants to do without getting rid of Stafford.

He has been given more than enough resources to have this team competitive.

Stafford’s salary is not keeping Quinn from doing anything that he wants with player acquisitions.

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he would have been very very good if on some passes he had more zip on the ball

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Love ya wing but As a fan I wouldn’t ever want to see stafford traded unless it was to a team that would finally get him to the playoff success he deserves…My biases for keeping him probably are why I’d make a horrible GM.

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Naw, I agree mostly. But I want a player like Chase Young who can get to the QB. The most glaring need on D. I almost think the rest of the pieces are actually there.

But if we can’t get a sign and trade so that we don’t have to eat the dead cap, which I now see is impossible, it’s no go for me too. Unless we got Hershel Walker type picks. I do want to see Stafford win in Detroit, and if he ever leaves I’ll still cheer for him.