For those of us who lived through it and remember Mike Lantry

Being in Jr. High at the time, it was crushing. Not going to a bowl during those three years was worse.

Most disappointing day in U of M football history.
Followed closely by bs calls against Ohio State and USC.

forgive me, but isn‚Äôt it ‚ÄėLandry‚Äô ??

No, Lantry. A name that’s almost impossible to forget if you were a kid watching Michigan football back then.

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well as a kid/teen ,to, I was outside most days , playing backyard football, frisbee, kickball , baseball , I caught only maybe 5-10 full games , was watching Brady as a QB back in the day and Shoestring Robinson , and …mostly the Carr era. but we played sports , rode bikes, built forts , fished, from sun up til dark sometimes…before i knew i had cancer and was hospitalized…