For those who want the Lions to draft Chase Young if he's there at No. 3

Ian Rapoport


While the #Redskins have opened up the possibility of taking a QB at No. 2, appears other teams believe #OSU DE Chase Young will be gone second or at worst, No. 3. No teams past #Lions have reached out to him. Either lying in wait… or teams past 3 think they have no shot at him.

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To me that says, that if Young is available at #3, he’s the pick barring a massive haul from a team below.

I assumed Young to be #1 on their board, but it seems some think they might pick Okudah over Chase, or accept like a 3rd rounder to move down to 5 or something like that.

If Young is on the board he’s got to be the pick unless they are floored by a trade IMHO.


I said this in my Jadaveon Clowney thread, that I believe the Lions feel they are going to have a shot at getting CY…maybe they even trade-up for him.

I’d bet a year’s pay Washington takes Young. I haven’t bought their attempts to make it seem like they like other guys better for a second. They’re only playing this game to see if they can draw a Paul-George-style haul out of the Dolphins, at which point they might move down. But there’s no way the Dolphins are giving them that, not when they can just trade down with us instead.

Really? A year’s pay? There are a handful of teams that are in this sweepstake. Some know DET will be getting calls, so that’s the incentive to go up to WASH.

At the end of the day, the Skins are going to have a hard time passing on Young. But it’s far from a lock at this point.


I think Washington takes the top rated player and they go Chase Young.

I just don’t see the value in going QB if that is Tua. Coming off an injury and they have Haskins when Chase is available? In Washingtn they will test the idea that defense wins championships as that defense could be SCARY good. Their DL is totally stocked and if they can develop Haskins at all they are in business.

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Agree with this part. Wouldn’t bet on it though.

Let’s not also forgot Washington looks to have a big hole at LT too with Trent Williams wanting out. You’d want your young QB to have a decent player there no?

A trade down can net them one plus additional draft capital. Not saying they won’t take Chase, but there are few scenarios where they might choose another road.

(Let’s not forget Young is basically just a souped-up version of Montez Sweat whom they traded up to draft just last year!)

I’d put it at 50/50 on whether they stay at 2 and draft Young.

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Been saying that since forever, it feels that way anyway.

I don’t think Washington takes any player besides Young at 2. I do think they will trade down if Miami steps up with the requisite trade value. I only think Miami has the bullets to make that happen.

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I agree the 'Skins will go OL at some point but I am not buying that over Chase Young at this point.

The Redskins OL was pretty good last season:

And the have Donald Penn signed through this season. Penn started 15 games and played in 16 games for them.

If I am the Skins I am taking Chase Young and hoping a guy like Austin Jackson falls to rd. 2. Chances look good that a solid OT will be available in rd. 2 for them.

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Rivera said in an interview today that trading down doesn’t make sense unless you can get the same value. Well, for us trading down makes sense unless Young is there, because Rivera is right, we won’t get the same value. The closer we get to the draft I think it will become clear that #1 and #2 are already in the books, and whoever wants #3 is going to have to start talking.


The draft starts at 3. The first 2 picks are as obvious as obvious gets. I think this was cemented when Rivera (defensive minded coach) was hired.

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If I were Washington, I’d rather have Tua, Sweat, Kerrigan, picks from trading Haskins instead of Haskins, Young, Sweat, and Kerrigan.

I’d also much rather have Haskins, Sweat, Kerrigan, Okudah, plus a big haul of picks for trading down.

Washington will either trade or take Becton. Young is going to be staring the Lions in the face.

They also had an MVP caliber QB in Newton (when healthy). Even though he’s “defensive-minded,” that doesn’t mean he’s gonna load up with multiple starting caliber edge rushers. They currently have no CB (Okudah)… and can probably upgrade at linebacker (Simmons). Plus a big hole with Trent Williams (numerous OT prospects).

I’d put my money on Redskins are drafting Tua or trading down.

I think you are wrong Iggy. Washington takes Young and it ain’t even 30 seconds between the virtual cards being handed in.

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You’re probably right… Although Washington has taken a DL in the 1st 3 years in a row, have a gaping hole at LT, and have a young QB. Young is such a talent and it is a new regime, however.

I hope you’re right but I’d be shocked if they didn’t take the best player in the draft.