Fords need to just clean house asap

I am not buying into this Patriot way crap no more . Quinn has made bad decisions on drafting certain players that supposedly fit the Patriot way 3 wins last yr is not the Patriot way. obviously the very few good ones we have that want out no one wants to play for a losing organization and that is what we have here. Patricia is not head coach material . Look at Pats Defense since he left they actually got better .Drafting Hockenson to me was the worst decision when you have a bunch of good defensive players staring at you Oliver, Bush. Then come back to draft the Tavani Lb in 2nd was a head scratcher .Trading Diggs was just plain stupid move .Now it will be Slay.So all he is doing is trying to replace the players that will be gone . He could have traded down Last draft he stood Pat .At least we only have 1 more yr of this shit show.Thats the good news.


I am on the fence.

This may/may not be true. I think he’s drafted for the style of OC/DC that he had, and think it’s been switched in mid process (due to coaching changes).

Flowers wanted to come here, Daniels wanted to come here, Amendola wanted to come here, Snacks was happy here…I don’t see this the same way as you at all.

That system has been in place for 20 years, and they always have some flux, based on talent. MP won several SBs there, his last of which, they truly had a lack of talent, and he got a lot done with little talent, especially when they benched their best defensive player in the SB and won without him.

Many think Hoch was a bad call. I honestly lean that way, myself. Tavai…good dude for the right system, but has been playing out of position (like Davis). TBD. Tavai was solid as a rook, and will be better this year, when they put him where he belongs, in Davis’s spot.

Time will tell. Diggs move was debatable. We were likely gong to let him go, from the looks of things, and we ended up w /something for him ala the Tate trade. Also at the time, his backup was playing better than him in a position that we had young talent.

How do you know?

I think you are very wrong (hope so too). Mathew back last year alone gives us 7 or 8 wins last season. Add in the rooks and FAs we get this offseason, and consider strength of schedule. I dont’ think it requires much imagination to see us winning 9, 10, 11 games (that’s just me).

Put Tavai in the middle, Davis in Kenard’s role. Draft Brown or Young. Get a massive upgrade at RB.

I’m with you, I hope we re-sign Slay, especially w/the news of the salary cap going up.


I think everyone knows where I stand on this so I won’t add to the OP topic but on the trade down part BigNatty. It was reported we had “multiple good” trade down options. Bob Q. Himself confirmed it. I’ve shared the links on the den many times.


For Ford to clean house she would have to sell the team.

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We can only clean house if we can get someone to take over that knows what they’re doing…we can’t.


I agree with BigNatty. I’m on the fence. I definitely want us to win! That being said that means Bobby Q and MP will be sticking around if that happens. But that’s what we all want right? A winner. I can’t root for us to lose so those 2 will be gone. I’m hoping it all comes together this year. I’m hoping Bob has a historical great draft, we sign some good free agents that contribute and guys on the roster now step up. Winning cures everything at least it makes it better. But if Quin botches the draft, over pays for free agents that don’t contribute again and we get off to a bad start I’m all for blowing it up. If that happens this time the Ford’s need to go nuclear and blow the whole thing up. Trade Stafford and anyone else of value hit reset AGAIN :triumph:

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The 'Patriot Way" was interesting and believable the first year Quinn was here, and then it turned nauseating when folks starting spouting “it’s the Patriot Way” as an excuse for every bad move, or non-move, that Quinn made.

It’s still thrown about on occasion, but I think most see the fraud behind that statement now.

As far as cleaning house. I agree with the frustration, but 2020 is already here and Quinn and Patricia are staying. All we can do at this point is hope for the best.

Although I would recommend archiving these thoughts until around October. They will probably become relevant again right around that time.


Ok - you all keep saying the Lions coaches are trying the Patriot Way… both have said more than once tho is not true! MP already said in multiple interviews “I’m am not BB” “this is the Lions not the pats way”. I wish y’all would not put word in Their mouths. As for the other fan that keep saying it… just bitching to bitch.

Pats defense - by anyone who is openminded and honest - should have and did get better… why? Duh? BB out his twist on MPs scheme and it was new version the teams were not ready for. And we all know, BB alone, is probably the best coach ever in the history of the game: teacher, GM, scout, can scheme and can live fame coach with the best.

We had injuries and the DC couldn’t cover with the backups like the OC Bevell did … Bevell should have been freaking OC if the yr imo!

Back before the Lions started to cut coaches from 2019 staff, I said the only guy I’d drop is the DC… and never fuck with Bevell … I really feel he is the best thing we did last yr acquisition wise.

And, as in the article I posted, only one team is a winner each year with 31 failures to achieve thier goal.

0-16 or 16-0 both records belongs to a losing team… neither won thier yrs SB.

I really don’t care what our record if if we don’t win the SB…

BQ MP get another ur imho…

Love you guys!!


Get back to me after week 6 of the season.


no , not a total rebuild UNLESS we have another 3-win season. right now we have some pieces to form a team, a SOLID team before we draft anyone. free agency is just around the corner to.
we scrap the entire team and we are left needing 53 players to replace and not 5 to 8 playmakers.
my stance is see what the offseason brings, see IF Quinn actually adds some very skilled players to what we have.

I agree 100% with all of this. Very well said!

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