Former DL coach Washburn laments being shot down in Lions draft room for Aaron Donald


I really want to know who the one that shot it down was.

Teryl Austin? Maybe even Caldwell himself?


Mayhew made the ultimate decision so its on him. I remember during the draft, fans were calling for Donald or Beckham to be the pick , no Ebron. Sad ,sad ,damn!!!


well…that was certainly a fireable offense to everyone involved imo. Maybe sometimes you don’t take best player available but good lord imagine that year with donald, suh and fairley.


Goddamn it. I’m still steamed about this one. A fucking tight end?


Hindsight is 20/20 but daaaamn.


Worse decision than any that Millen made, IMO.


Who’s this Jim Washburn guy? It’s not like he’s a highly respected DL coach or something. Let’s not listen to that guy when we have a great offensive line coach in Ron Prince who wants a receiving TE in the top 10 of the draft???


and never mind the rumors of that TE’s bad hands. That can be easily corrected…


I do seem to remember a story about Lombardi leaving a note on MMs door pleading for Enron. He wanted his Jimmy Graham


Little did he realize, but Stafford isn’t exactly Drew Brees…


Is it just me or is there a lot of old things the Lions could have done coming out of the woodwork this year more than most?


Agreed. In hindsight, if only I had been born in New England…